F.X. Pichler Gruner Veltliner Kellerberg - 2007

Deeply disappointed by this wine.

I drank it over a long evening so it saw plenty of air and a range of temperatures.

The nose was unyielding. The apricots and stone fruit that did appear were unfocused and mushy. The palate was better but still totally unacceptable for a wine of this price and pedigree. Tart apricots on the attack with a mediocre finish of minerals. The wine did have a nice weight to it and a decent midpalate filled with peppery flavors. Overall, however, it was just flabby and simplistic. Not primary – just really boring.

I even added some food (stir-fry) to see if that would help. Nothing.

I guess it’s still young, but I just can’t see how this wine will turn into anything respectable. Not worth more than $20. I would stay away from this wine.

Has anyone had this? What gives?

I have not had it lately. I have had several excellent bottles.

Have had the Gruner and Riesling Loibner Berg 07s recently and both outstanding; I can still taste them.
No experience with the Kellerberg.