Eyepopping Prices on Maison Leroy Village Bottles

I could not believe these prices on offer today. Leroy is high but this is shocking!

2018 Savigny Les Beaune $1200
2017 Gevrey Chambertin $2000
2017 Nuits-Saint-Georges $2000

In for 2 cases.


This looks almost cheap
case 12/75cl 1971 Clos St Denis, Grand Cru, Maison Leroy OWC £29000.- case 12/75cl Net

Bought some 95 Savigny Narbantons at auction a decade ago for $200 :slight_smile:

I’ve told this story before, always think about it when these Leroy pricing threads come up.

In the early 1990s I knew a guy who would go over to Burgundy, knew the vintners, etc. I joined with a bunch of other guys to help finance his trip and buy what he came back with. I wound up with about 10-20 cases of assorted older (1970s and 1980s) Leroy wines. The wines are long gone, I’m sure I paid less than $50 per bottle. I do remember drinking a few cases of 1980 Latricieres Chambertin as ‘daily drinkers’. If I had only known…

“As good as NSG gets”

I would hope so for $2,000 a btl…

Saw an offer for the domaine aligote 14 and 16 last week for £3000/6 IB. Checked my 12s and saw I paid £27 IB/bottle…

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Hey, those prices are child’s play for some people.

Perspective adjustment follows, it is all relative!

A longer read.

Circa 2009

Anyone with a time machine? $2,000 Domaine Leroy Musigny still exists in this universe.