Experiences with Vintners Cru in Napa?

I have been receiving email offers from Vintners Cru. I have never done business with them, so I’m curious the thoughts of anyone who has.

Is this a reliable, trustworthy retailer?

I have ordered from them a few times. Always delivered on time and when promised. I’ll order from them again when the right offer comes along.

They seem to acquire quite a deal of CdP at very reasonable prices.

I have ordered from them once, excellent price on some German Riesling and a couple of burgs, shipped quickly. I did notice a bit of seepage on one (or more) of the 2005 Mueller-Catoir Mandelgarten Spats that I ordered, but with all that I hear about issues with German corks I would be hesitant to take issue with the retailer for this fault. FWIW I opened the bottle that was clearly leaking and it was awesome, so no complaint at this point with the caveat that I must remember with the other bottles that they may not age as well.

So overall quite happy with price, speed, service and I do recommend, but I do note that I received a leaking bottle that may not be their fault and would not keep me from doing business again (unless it happened again!)

Nothing but good experiences.