Exciting Chardonnay in, but not from the PNW

A new-ish importer & distributor, Petit Monde is bringing some lesser known, but very exciting wines to Seattle & Portland.

This is Vignoble Guillaume’s Old vine Chardonnay from Comte. It doesn’t get a Jura AOC, but belongs in that section of the store. It was hand sold to me a couple weeks ago, popped it tonight & wow. A serious, deep Chardonnay with exceptional balance of tropical/exotic fruit & a serious acid backbone.

A little online digging & asking around allowed me to learn that this family is primarily in the nursery business & has provided rootstock to famous producers like Isole e Olena & Rion. This ran me $25 in Seattle which puts it around $17-$20 in the rest of the world. Really good for weeknight drinking.


The VDP Pinot Noir from this producer is also in distribution here in Seattle area. I’d recommend you try it. From my perspective, it’s everything that a good-value basic Bourgogne Rouge used to be “back in the day”. Light, fragrant, and a little earthy Pinot Noir - all for under $20. Something interesting to open with dinner on a random weekday.


Where to buy?

Ron- I bought this at Bin 41 in West Seattle, but have bought other Petit Monde stuff at Champion, Pike & Western & Bar Ferd’nand. The owner at Bin 41 had this & the “regular” VDF Chard & the price difference was negligible, so I went with this. I’m sure any retailer working with Petit Monde can order this.

Michael- I had noted the Pinot as one to get when I started looking more into the producer. Good to hear an actual recommendation that it was good. I’ll start looking for it more in earnest.

I purchased mine at a local wine shop in Seattle, Vino Verite. They used to be located in Capitol Hill, but have now moved to Columbia City.