Ever want to hear the history of Wine Berserkers? Greg Norton just published a blog article on it!

Thought I’d share Greg’s recent blog post, with a brief history of Wine Berserkers.

I would not have picked the name.”

What began as an online term of derision has become the brand of the largest wine discussion forum on the Internet. Todd French, Wine Berserkers.com’s founder, moderator and passionate leader, didn’t have this in mind when it all started 12 years ago.



Well deserved coverage, Todd. Congrats!

This is great!

That’s a great write up on WB. And we all owe it to MarkSquires!!
Thanks for all you do here for us, Todd. We need to say “thank you, Todd” a bit more often.
I participate in several other wine boards. Heck, I still get out my USB cable and hook my card reader into alt.food.wine from time to time.
One of the things I particularly like about WB is the participation by winemakers and others ITB. They bring a special insight onto this forum. And, by & large, most here are very welcoming to their participation.
So let’s all give Todd a… where’s that group hug .gif when I need it?? [group-hug.gif] [group-hug.gif] [group-hug.gif]

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Bravo, Todd! Great work. champagne.gif flirtysmile

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Very nice article [cheers.gif]

It’s a nice little PR blurb but not quite the cogent history some might like to hear. Plus, it leaves out a lot of the fun details.

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Thanks Todd, nice article and thanks for everything you do .

Todd, very cool what you set in motion and have nurtured! Yeah “it takes a village”, but kudos to you young man!

Congratulations to Todd and all of the crazy villagers!



Very cool. Thanks for all the hard work Todd et. al. This community wouldn’t be possible without you taking the effort to nurture it and keep it going. Big shout out to all of those who continuously contribute to make this community great as well. All y’all Berserkers rock!

Doctor Big Jay Miller and Sierra CarCrash deserve some back-handed credit.

The readers digest version of the readers digest version. No mention of Rudy or Maison Ilan or even KFC Buffet!

I thought we only posted dick and fart jokes. Who knew?

That’s a great write up on WB. And we all owe it to MarkSquires!!


Congratulations Todd! And a nice mention of my fellow feminine Berserkers!!!
As a former member of the other group referred to in the article, I always felt a bit intimidated and impertinent. Not here…the sense of community and rallying of each other whether you haven’t heard from someone - someone dear passed - or someone going through a tough time the community is here, continuously. Thank you Todd and to us collectively for being more.


I was at that lunch with Daniel Posner at Grapes the Wine Company.

Kudos, Todd!


Well they did mention that there is a Politics sub forum

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