Eurocave MDS shelves for champagne?

Just got a La Premiere wine cellar and realized the standard shelves don’t hold champagne bottles very well (e.g. Krug). Do the MDS shelves perform better at holding champagne bottles?

i have one with similar shelves. i removed one and just stack larger bottles on that shelf. the spacers are designed for standard bdx bottles or thinner burg bottles. anything a little off including most champagne is either snug or doesn’t fit at all.

I have a Eurocave with the MDS Shelves. In terms of performing better, you will be able to fit any champagne bottles on the front row, but you are likely to only fit 5, not 6 on the front side of the shelf. Adding them to the back (if you are equalizing shelf space between shelves and putting the shelf equidistant and not creating larger and smaller spaced shelves) is going to depend on the bottle. Many will not fit on the back row with equidistant shelving. If you space the shelves out more so that you have a skinny shelf for riesling bottles etc. and a fatter shelf for Champagne, then you will likely have no problem getting 10 bottles on the shelf.

Thanks Ravi! So you’re saying on one layer, you would be able to fit 5 bottles of champs + 5 narrower bottles like riesling for a total of 10 and it’d be hard to fit 10 champ bottle on 1 mds shelf, is that right?

Sort of… The Eurocave that I have with MDS shelves has 14 MDS shelves. When I place those in the middle position so that they are all equidistant and I can maximize the number of normal size bottles, the Champagne bottles do not fit on the back row of 6 (most are a little too wide to squeeze through the opening in the back and the top of the shelf above it. I have the same problem with Third Twin and Maybach Irmgard bottles – they just will not fit on the back row of the shelf unless I move the entire rack down and then you have a small space on the rack below it that probably only fits Riesling bottles.

So I can put the 5 Champagne bottles on the front row and then I can put 6 Riesling bottles on the back part of the same shelf (so I get 11 bottles on the shelf). You can also put other types of bottles on the back row, but because of the width of the Champagne, bottles, unless it is something narrow on the back row, I am not sure you would get more than 5 on the back row. This is all with the idea that you maximize the number of bottles you put in the cellar. The MDS shelves I have also have inserts which would allow you to put 6 bottles on the back and then put 4 bottles (of any type) sideways on the front so that you can see the label of the front two bottles without pulling the shelf out. But of course you are taking a 12 bottle shelf and making it a 10 bottle shelf, which I never do due to my space requirements.