Eurocave Discount?

Missed Wine Enthusiast’s Memorial Day sale, so seeing if anyone has a lead on discounts and free shipping on the Eurocave Premiere L.

Interestingly enough, I ordered my Eurocave right before the sale and was berating myself when I realized I did so, only to find out, the unit I bought was actually $300 more than the price I paid before the sale. The price from my unit (a very humble Premier S (74 bottle capacity)) was $1995 before the sale and went to $2295 during the sale and still seems to be there.

As to discounts, I would just encourage you to call them and see what they can do, my rep seemed eager to make the sale, so perhaps they will do something for you?

Finally, I think shipping is always free, but I know the white glove inside delivery is an extra $200 which was well with it to me.

Good Luck!

Thats is fine advice for sure. Call 'em, tell 'em you want to talk turkey and they usually respond with some price movement.

The only negative I have to add is that the “white glove service”, which is totally worth it, does not actually entail the use of white gloves. So if you’re expecting to see those white gloves, you’ll be dissapointed. I know my son was sorely vexed by this.

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