Esszencia. . . . Anyone had/like it?

Gerhard, well said (x2) [wink.gif]

Yeah - my mother in law is completely with you on where Mozart fits in. My wife too for the most part - she just did Don Giovanni last week. And the only sweet wine she can stand happens to be a good aszú, so she must have good taste!


Hm … what do you mean with “she did” ?
She was in the audience … or on the stage ? [scratch.gif]
(both might have been great …)

Gerhard - my preferred vintage for Essencia Tokaji was indeed from vintage 1957… [cheers.gif]

The sweetest wine I ever have was P.Delesvaux - Carbonifera 97. There were 2900 bts made and at a 0.459 gm.Potent.27%-7.5%.

That being said, it paled when compared to P.Delesvaux - Anthologie 97 (2300 bts 0.535 gm.Potent.31.5%-5.5% - which I did not own and bought ).

IMHO sweetness is not everything - and the sweeter the better is not true

Here I agree again. I much prefer Delesvaux ( simple ) SGN specially from vintage 1997.

Produced it. Doesn’t sing when she’s doing the production.

I had a 2000 Ch. Dereszla Eszencia a few months back and can still taste it. There was such an intensely sweet flavor at first, but it was turned around by some really nice acidity. I liked the thick texture too, but that may have been the sheer novelty of the experience. At around $300 a bottle though, I won’t be buying much of it.

Great - I would like to produce … or better: conduct - Don Giovanni !

Gerhard–I have sung both DG and Leporello (in younger days)
Leporello was the better role for me