Epitome of Bien Nacido!

So I picked up a few of the Tyler single vineyards pinots to try a while back and have drank through a all of them leaving the Bien Nacido as my last one. It was the '08 Bien Nacido and from the time it was open to a couple hours after (too hardt is ave any it was so good) it was as good of an expression of Santa Barbara County Pinot that i have ever had. It was the perfect weight, had a wonderful nose, and still had plenty of body without being too flabby or too thin. Still showing a nice bit of tang to balance out the wonderful red fruit.

Now it makes me want to try the special designates within Bien Nacido that these guys are doing! So delicious. And my wife drank half the bottle and she is usually a one glass kind of drinker!

Bien Nacido is definitely top notch. I recently had the Sandler 2012 Bien Nacido, and another vineyard designate by Sandler. Not even close, not even any where near the same wine.

The vineyard is very, very important. Yes, the producer has a hand in it. But I will choose site over savvy, anytime.