Envoyer Thread #2: Everything else

Maybe they are doing comps off Cask Cartel? lol

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Pretty insanely good price on the Drouhin Vosne 1er Cru mags today …

Did anyone hear back on the 22 Marc Colin offer? The prices seemed good.

I bit on 3 x En Montceau, the prices did look good and I really enjoyed the '20 bottling a few weeks ago. WK also has nice things to say about '22 at Marc Colin.

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I got 1x En Montceau and 1x En Remilly just to try them out.

I also got Joseph Colin En Remilly from an earlier offer (would be fun to do a side by side one day).

My PYCM En Remilly is unfortunately a '21, so no 3-way horizontal, unfortunately.

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Very nice, I also picked up the Joseph Colin En Remilly, along with the Chatenière and Murgers des Dents de Chien. Looks like side-by-sides are in both of our futures. I found a recent '20 Joseph Colin Murgers des Dents de Chien to have a much brighter streak of acidity than the '20 Marc Colin En Montceau—not sure how much of that is style vs. vineyard but looking forward to a closer comp!

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Interesting to hear about the difference in acidity between the Joseph and the Marc. I’m very curious about checking out the style differences between the three domaines (PYCM, Joseph, and Marc).

I’m also kind of curious whether Damien/Caroline have changed the Marc Colin style. I’ve heard their father had a broader, glossier style compared to PYCM and Joseph.