Enfield Wine Co Next Release

I had their '10 Hayne Syrah a few months back and thought it was excellent. I just got an email on their next release. Quantities are tiny. Not sure if their list is still open, but they are one you may want to jump on sooner rather than later.

Here is the main text of the email.

2014 March Release

We have two new wines coming up in our March release. Look for the email in the next couple weeks.

2011 Shake Ridge Tempranillo - (75 Cases) - Our first vintage off this high altitude property in the Sierra Foothills of Amador County, not too far from Lake Tahoe. Trust us, this will be unlike any California wine you have ever tried. Savory Black Walnut, warm spicy goodness, and sweet red cherry fruit.

2011 Haynes Vineyard Syrah * - (65 Cases) - If you have been waiting for this wine it will not disappoint. From the coolest vintage in modern California history, it has incredible intensity of flavor and aromatics, yet with lightness and elegance on the palate, acidity and a moderate 12.6% alcohol. Have your cake and eat it too ; )

  • By Allocation: Due to the limited production of the 2011 Haynes Syrah and the increase in demand, we will be allocating this wine. Customers will have a limited time to purchase their allocation, at which point the wine will be released to others. If you have any questions regarding this system, please feel free to email me directly.

Upcoming Wines

We are still adding wines to our portfolio as we come across new (or old) and exciting vineyards. Here’s a preview of what’s coming up next.

2012 Heron Lake Vineyard Chardonnay - We think this wine is even better than the 2011. Picked just a touch earlier, it has even more refreshing acidity to go with the Heron Lake trademark texture and golden intensity. Scheduled for a fall release, the wine is drinking so well right now we are considering moving it up. I will get back to you on this one.

2012 Cabernet Sauvignon - In 2012 we added a Cabernet Sauvignon from an outrageous vineyard we affectionately call Jesus’ Vineyard. It is located way out on the Sonoma Coast, within view of the uber-famous Hirsch Pinot Noir Vineyard. Possibly the coolest climate Cab vineyard in all of California, this wine is still aging in barrel so it is not yet scheduled for release. So far we are quite simply blown away with the delicacy and complexity we taste.


I wonder what the “real” name of the vineyard is?

It’s in the Fort Ross/Seaview AVA according to their website.

If I recall, it’s known by that name because it’s farmed by a guy named Jesus.
Great juice, made by a genuinely nice guy. With my cellar capacity strained after the string of Spring releases, I’m trying to be “conservative” in my purchasing, but I’ll definitely find room for a few of John’s bottles.

Jumped on the Syrah and Chard last year. They are both keepers - outstanding wine. Going after more this time around despite the fact that there is zero room in the cellar.

Just a guess, but maybe Mohrhardt Ridge…

Have not gotten e-mail notice but I’ll be a buyer of Syrah.

Could be Bei Ranch located in Cazadero. they grow Cabernet and Syrah. Demoth Kemos makes a tasty Cabernet for this coastal vineyard.

Allocations are out today. Order in. Sounds like some fun stuff

Order already placed!

Purchased couple bottles of each. Was only allocated 2 Syrah (would have happily purchased more if I could) and wanted to try the Tempranillo.

I had the '10 Syrah the other night and was just blown away with how good it was.

Also got 2 Syrah, plan on making a 6-pack with the Temp.

Leave some on the table for first time buyers please. Haha.

The Syrah allocation is 2. Lots of demand for little supply.

Y’all know you can get that 2011 Syrah at retail, right?
If you’re looking for more…


Waterhorse Ridge Vineyard

Cool photos Kyle, thanks.

Can’t wait to try some.