Emilia-Romagna Producers Worth Searching Out?

I’ve drank a few Emilia-Romagna producers but have been underwhelmed. I’ve had Drei Dona, Castelluccio, Casali and Tre Monte. Most were under $20 so for that amount I suppose there were OK. I’ve also had the Drei Dona Pruno at $35. Better, but not a great QPR. If I want sangiovese, why would I buy Emilia-Romagna instead of Chianti or Brunello?

What Emilia-Romagna is worth searching out?

In addition to those, Umberto Cesari are very good indeed, however above all others please buy a bottle (or more) of San Patrignano. The backstory is a strong justification to buy (there are many articles but also youtube videos), but the wines are good (and very good value). Consultancy is provided (free IIRC) by Ricardo Cottarella, but IMO the wines aren’t over-made. Avi is the one I’d recommend, though their Montepirolo Cab Sauvignon is also worth trying.

Worth trying the E-R dessert wines as well, if such things appeal, though the top ones aren’t that cheap.

Generally I’d buy E-R Sangiovese for leaner wines closer to Vino Nobile di Montepulciano than Brunello. If seeking something to cempete with the style of Brunello, E-R is not the place to look (IMO).

Have had Pruno too and it is a style, understand why Tuscan Sangios are preferred.

E-R for Bonarda/Barbera, such as La Stoppa Macchiona.

Massimo Spigaroli (Culatello di Zibello).

Thanks for the information. In reviewing my wine log, I realized I drank and enjoyed the 2007 La Stoppa Macchiona.

It’s slightly west of E-R, but Tenuta Mazzolino, in Pavia province, a little west of Piacenza, is making some very serious pinot neros, as well as bonardo and other wines. The sparkling wines are excellent, too.

I have had nice Pinot Nero from Trentino.

Fattoria Zerbina for entry-level Sangiovese and excellent passito Albana.

Different part of the country.

Pruno? You mean this stuff?