Edit button question

Has the edit function been changed so that if someone edits a post, you can no longer click on the edit icon and see what the original post was? One of my pet peaves is when someone posts something in Commerce Corner (let’s just say “2016 Rivers Marie Cabernet, $120”), but when it sells they remove the original text and just post “Gone”, or “Sold”…so if you come to that post a few days late, you have no idea what the original offer was. It helps the community to see what people are asking for specific wines, even if the actual sale price is private. I used to be able to click on the edit icon and see the original post, have you changed that?

Yes it did change a few weeks ago (don’t know exactly when). I’m guessing Todd and the other admins can still see the edit history, so could advise on request (where there’s a legitimate reason, as would be the case with commerce corner).

I’m guessing the reason for the change, is that sometimes people write something ‘in the heat of the moment’ which they quickly regret and edit / delete. Under the old approach, these remained visible, so would have the risk of someone reacting to it anyway, so I support the change in helping reduce the risk of train-wreck threads (even though I will admit to reading some of them in the past anyway!)

I did not know about the change.

But yes, we frequently ask posters to “reconsider” their comments. The reasons vary from rude, disrespectful, political, etc.

Lots of those posts are made “later in the evening” if you know what I mean.

aka ‘tired and emotional’

Brilliant, as they say!

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Correct, many complained that their edits were visible to all, so I removed that function. Only Mods can see them (as they must) - this protects those who have an issue with a ‘for sale’ item, in particular, as we can see edit history, etc