I need an ecommerce app. ShopSite is the one offered by my hosting co and it looks great but to get qty breaks (i.e. automatically knock off 10% for 12 bottles, etc) you have to get the ‘pro’ version, $100/month. Seems high. So I thought I’d see who’s got something they’re happy with. My preferred method are the ones that just give you buttons w/ html code that point you to their shopping cart / checkout page(s) - I don’t need the site design stuff or any web hosting.

I’ve seen Paypal but can’t tell if they offfer the qty break option at this point.



You can set it up any way you want with discounts, etc. They handle the payments and take a cut.

WineWeb is about $60/mo.

Do you want someone to handle the compliance stuff or are you doing it yourself? If you want someone to handle the compliance stuff, try they take 30%. If you want to put together your own checkout, try" onclick=";return false;. They are a front end to paypal, google checkout and others. They are $5 a month, but you need to handle the individual state compliance issues.

We did a lot of research on this and settled with go daddy for everything. It works quite nice. Percentage off is offered through promo codes. It does our club membership, mailing list logistics and more. It was very easy and very cheap monthly. See if you like the layout." onclick=";return false;

How much do you guys sell you through your websites? Our online sales are a tiny fraction of overall sales, most of which come through the tasting room…

A small amount as well but it works great for the amount and adds quite a bit of club members.

I was reading through this string and saw a quote stating VinoShipper received a 30% fee - that is not accurate and so I wanted to correct the impression given by this. VinoShipper’s fee is approximately 15% of the wine sale, I say approx. as CA ABC had us do a fee per price range rather than a fixed 15% as we had when we started out. However, don’t forget from that fee we do absorb the credit card fees, and the excise take to the states we ship plus we deal with all the UPS tracking and order claims if they become necessary.

Just wanted to correct the 30% to 15% because 15 is good - 30 is not.



Thought I would add one more issue, unlike other carts, all compliance checks are also carried out and if the winery supplies their permit we ensure all the correct sales tax is charged where appropriate.

I’m working on this now.

After looking at a lot of different options, I am using to develop a WordPress based site with links to ShopSite Pro e-commerce pages. I tried and tried to get the various WordPress ecommerce options to work but none offered the needed capabilities.

Roman Cart is wonderful (" onclick=";return false;). You can get 'er done for $89 a year as long as you have a merchant account. [pwn.gif]

Check out" onclick=“;return false; and” onclick=";return false;. Both sites use a shopping cart developed by Brandon Miller owner of Coleman Nicole Wines. We have had great success with his shopping cart.