Eating at the ballpark - a new era

Yankee Stadium gets a Lobel’s, serving $15 prime rib sandwiches. Citi Field gets a Shake Shack.

Lobels…nice. Wonder what the wine selections might be?

Among others…" onclick=";return false;

The House that Steinbrenner Built also gets a Morimoto sushi outpost.

Bankers Field is partnering with Zachys for wine at the bleachers.

Are you guys gonna bring your own stems? And if you do and a foul ball comes your way, do you go for the ball, or protect the stem?

Guys protect thier stem at all costs. :smiley:

Tru dat.

foul balls…brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


Sometime ago, I had semi-frequent access to an executive suite at Houston’s MinuteMaid (formerly Enron) Field. Prime rib, shrimp, salads …

All I wanted was a hot dog. And peanuts. And beer.