Eating and Drinking in San Francisco

I haven’t, but from all I’ve read and heard, nothing has changed. They lost one back of the house person and that’s it. The rest of the staff stayed.

The wine bar is in West Portal (west side of the city, near SF State). It’s called Binu Bonu. Last article I found said it was going to open this month, but I haven’t found anything to confirm that it actually has.

Went back through this forum through beginning of '23.

Pulled out things that seemed to popular/caught my eye. For the next person on this mission!

Home – State Bird Provisions (
The Progress / The Workshop / State Bird Provisions in San Francisco (
The Anchovy Bar
Menu – Liholiho Yacht Club (
mijoté (
Cotogna (
Flour + Water (
Swan Oyster Depot - San Francisco, CA
Burdell Soul Food (
Bari Ristorante
Prik Hom (
Kin Khao Thai Eatery
Food & Drink | Rich Table (
Sons & Daughters (
Savory Seafood Dining In San Francisco Bay - Scoma’s Restaurant (
Dalida | Mediterranean Restaurant in San Francisco, CA (
Birdsong (
Habibi Bar SF
Absinthe Brasserie & Bar


No San Francisco list is complete without State Bird! It is literally my favorite restaurant in the world. Beyond the food being great I just have a special relationship with them that makes me so happy every time I dine there. Despite living in NYC I have dined there over 100x.


I second Kin Khao and mijoté! My wife and I didn’t feel that Prik Hom lived up to the hype.

I really want to try Burdell.

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Fair enough, but since you just mentioned it I didn’t think I needed to add to the “dug through list.” Will edit for completeness’ sake :wink:

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I am a completest! :slight_smile:

but a goldkapsel version!

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What Robert said. State Bird Provisions and The Progress are amazing, and I assume The Anchovy Bar is too but I have not been.

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Another vote for State Bird. Also our favorite San Francisco restaurant (though with far fewer than 100 visits!).

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A comment regarding Anchovy Bar- my favorite thing was the fresh anchovies, they aren’t always in season.

The restaurant I’m most excited about these days is Nari - Khin Khao’s fancy fine dining sister restaurant. The Executive Chef Pim Techamuanvivit, in addition to owning Khin Khao as her first restaurant and now Nari, is Executive Chef at the acclaimed Nahm restaurant in Bangkok.

Go to Khin Khao for fantastic, unique, genuine Thai food far that is very elevated. Go to Nari for culinary fireworks. I go to both depending on the circumstance.


For a wine focused restaurant you can’t beat The Morris. They were nominated for best bar program at the James Beard awards this year, and have a phenomenal list and world-class chartreuse selection. The smoked duck is incredible, and the charcuterie board is the best I’ve ever had.

Aside from that, I +1 Nari and Kin Khao (with a preference for the former – you can eat most of the menu at their bar too, without reservations) and Zuni. If you’ve never had a Zuni chicken you truly need to. Go for lunch, and get shoestring fries and chicken. It’s my Death Row meal.

They also have a really nice program wine, with usually at least a few gems on their reserve list.

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For wine centric, go to the The Morris, hands down
I’d pick Statebird/Anchovy Bar for local focused
For community, Heirloom Cafe is a great choice

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Just back from N CA, had one restaurant dinner and worth the recco:

Third Cousin in the [?where is that?] Bernal Heights neighborhood of San Francisco.

Everything was local, or killer, or both. Wine list eclectic, interesting, far from cheap but not completely crazy pricing, especially if you know how to shop.

With my two friends, we had:
Grilled Octopus
Hamachi Crudo & Crab Tartare
Uni Crème Brûlée (house specialty and truly great; comes with some caviars and well worth what that costs)
Gigli - Morel mushrooms, asparagus, crème fraîche & essex goud
Fried Soft Shell Crab & Green Tomato, Ramp Aioli

My guest ordered the soft shell, I tasted it was wonderful, but as an east-coaster I don’t order soft-shells more than a few miles from Chesapeake Bay. Still, this was an excellent dish.

We had some good glasses, expensive but not crazy. After the glasses we shared a bottle of 2010 Vincent Vatan Pouilly-Fume, I thought reasonably priced at $80.

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I enjoyed the meal there, but have to say it’s quite pricey overall (food and wine list). For a similar amount you could eat at Angler…

Yes, it’s in Bernal Heights.

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The Morris is a really good suggestion for wine. I was going to recommend Angler but I just don’t dig that place. I would much rather support Paul.


Current dinner slate. Lunches will be more spontaneous.

Friday: 7 Adams
Saturday: State Bird
Sunday: Robin
Monday: TBD - I will most likely be dining alone this evening

Will do The Morris at some point prior to dinner for wine + Charcut

Thanks for all the help!

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Looking forward to the full report. Three of those are new to me!

Trip report.

As mentioned, stayed in Presidio.

Lunch at Gao Viva Goa | Indian Cuisine ( Some of best Indian food I’ve ever had! Family super nice and polite. Attentive service. Not going to win awards for interior design. The spice and flavors on Samosa and Curry were sooo good.

Dinner at 7 Adams - HOME | 7 Adams (
Gets buzz for 5 course meal at $87 a person. Great bang for buck. Very friendly staff. Nice vibe / space. Focus on local produce and bits. Drawbacks - Some balance imperfections (the dill sauce drowned out the fish) and not great beverage knowledge (server described my dry wine as the sweetest).

Statebird - Home – State Bird Provisions (
Love the concept. Why should Dim Sum be just for asian? Lovely look and feel. Some great dishes (Porkbelly my winner), no misses, but some non-events (the tuna). One thing to be aware of - it is loud and bc dishes are being regularly brought around you are interrupted regularly; now, it’s a lovely interruption bc of the food, but something to be aware of. Very impressive “beverage program,” just the wine by itself - fine, but the beers, sake, tea, etc. it really feels like a great portfolio.

Ferry Building Farmer’s Market
Got here early. It’s peak peach season. DELIGHT! The porchetta truck was good, but a touch over-hyped. Superb views. A must hit.

Robin - Robin | Japanese Restaurant in CA (
Honestly this a was disappointing, despite a friend’s very enthusiastic recommendation. Awesome art. Good overall decor. There is a mechanic here (no menu, you say how much you want to spend and then the meal is blind) that didn’t agree with me and lead to a clumsy 2 mins trying to figure out what was what. It is a modern sushi place and while I like the local fish options, the extra garnish and such I did not enjoy. I will say, the icecream here was the best dessert I’ve had in a minute: cocunut ice cream with cherry and chocolate slivers; the texture was unreal.

The Morris - The Morris Restaurant (
This was great. Go here. The staff are excellent. The list unique and well priced (especially to explore back vintages of west coast non-bombastic wines). The charcuterie (all made in house) is excellent. 2014 Peay in a great spot right now - almost delicate.

Thanks again for all the help!

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I find sushi in San Francisco to be disappointing in general. You are better served out in the Peninsula.

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We were in San Francisco last weekend and we had a great time. Two excellent dinners were:

The passateli in brodo is worth a journey.
Aziza was really really good. The bastilla was everything I was hoping for and more. The cornbread was the best.

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