Eating and Drinking in San Francisco

Had a nice meal last night in Palo Alto / Woodside at Village Pub. The food was as good as its ever been and the wine list is not what it once was but still very good. Ended up here because nothing is open on Monday and ultimately was very happy about it.

No posts since May?? Wow.

What’s new and what’s still great in San Francisco? I will be there in January.

Might be because it is still in the Epicurean thread and not in the Travel/Restaurant thread. Still think it is a huge mistake to separate epicurean with restaurants.

It also might be because San Francisco is not what it was. It was struggling before the pandemic and has not fully recovered. I can name several great restaurants that closed and not one new restaurant except Anchovy Bar.

Given how much I love Chef Stuart Brioza’s cooking I just rotate between State Bird, The Progress and Anchovy Bar. All are great.

A couple of recent lunches at Zuni were fine but I said to myself during my last meal somehow they take an ordinary / average pizza, a good salad and make it into an extraordinary overall experience.

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Thanks Robert. I had to hunt down this thread - makes no sense that it and the NYC restaurant thread (for example) are not on the same page.

I loved The Progress when i went last January and will try to go again. It was nigh impossible to get a reservation at State Bird Provisions.

It is a little easier to get a resy at State Bird. The great thing about The Progress is you can almost always get a seat in the bar area and don’t overlook The Anchovy Bar it is equally exciting.

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In San Francisco and making the rounds. Had a just terrific dinner with work colleagues at Dragon Beaux last night. Impeccable, flavorful food, superior dim sum and interesting/exciting luxuriant dishes (stir-fried eggplant and duck and truffle fried rice were high points). Followed that with a fun brunch today at Surisan.

Going to State Bird Provisions tonight, then Mourad on Thursday and Nari for Thai on Saturday. I was hoping to catch Le Fantastique on either Sunday or Monday but it is closed those days. Might try Abacá, a newish Filipino place instead,

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I was there last week for work and did three nights at The Progress and one at State Bird. The Progress is really hitting its stride. The trout dish is incredible.

Awesome! That trout looks amazing.

State Bird Provisions - what an epic meal. Just crazy good. It’s amazing how many dazzling small plates they turn out. My work colleagues were blown away, too. So much fun!

my favorite restaurant in the U.S.! everyone asks why and I say well the food is great, the people are great and it simply just makes me happy to be there. And I have eaten there well over 100x

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I was wondering what a $70 trout dish looked like.

Are those black truffles on top?

It is a big fish from the family style portion of the menu. Feeds 2-4 people.

I circled back to The Progress two nights ago - didn’t get the trout because my friend doesn’t enjoy fish, but everything else was terrific. Great cocktails. Super fun to try both State Bird and Progress in the same week.

And last night I was taken to the old standby Foreign Cinema, which was fun and had nice food, though nothing mindblowing. The wine list is terrific though; I had a glass of Domaine les Alexandrins Crozes-Hermitage at the bar, and a bottle of Labet Pinot Noir Les Varrons with dinner.

Taking my twin teens to The Progress on Sunday.
Looking forward.
Any good by the glass wines or half bottles?

Keller von der fels by the glass as of two weeks ago. They have a long-time relationship with Keller’s California distributor and get a large allocation. I don’t think I have even seen VDF by the glass anywhere else in the U.S. And generally they have a very good BTG program.

@CFu can we please move this to the travel and restaurant thread. It used to be pretty active.

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Their BTG list is online: Home | The Progress

Among the dishes we had, standouts included the charred cabbage, the cauliflower, and the veal scallopini. The Sirens of Titan cocktail is also terrific.



My wife raved about Angler . Is it that good or is she overhyping it ?