Eating and Drinking in Paris

If I had to pick one place to recommend from my recent trip, it would be Maison Sota - great food, truly relaxed setting, and very interesting natural wine pairings.

Les Enfants du Marche would be right up there as well - the food and wine is just as interesting, but the setting can be a little frenetic and they don’t take reservations, which is why I lean towards Maison Sota.

If you want a “neighborhood” place in I believe the 8th, Gare Au Gorille was also very cool.

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Really great suggestions @Bob_Hughes

One trick if you can manage is to go right when Les Enfants du Marche opens for lunch. Not only do I love the food and the people involved in it, it makes my planning easier because I know I have two easy meals (e.g., without having to fight for reservations).

Another interesting thing to point out is that the Chef owner of Gare Au Gorille was the #2 chef at Septime.

I will be in Paris this weekend and will report back on what type of mischief we get into!

That is exactly what we did, Robert - I was seated at the bar at 11:30 waiting for their Noon opening :+1:

The tuna belly was one of the best things I put in my mouth during our entire trip :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Agree, best thing I ate in a week!

Great rec’s everyone, we will be there this weekend too.

I know that most of us aren’t looking for non-french places in Paris, but just in case…we had a wonderful meal at Le Bar des Pres. We thought we had reservations at Aux Pres (sister restaurant next door) and accidentally had reservations at the sister restaurant (japanese) which turned out to be excellent.

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Good to know, thanks!

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Cyril Lignac has four(?) places on tiny Rue Dragon, which is around the corner from the apartment we rent. Haven’t eaten at his sushi spot, but we sometimes go to Aux Pres if we want a simple but solid, local dinner.

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Quick trip to Paris. We had lunch at Table by Bruno Verjus. It was good but did not wow us and for 400 Euros I don’t think I will be rushing back.

Conversely Les Enfants du Marche was just incredible and we both remarked how much better it was than Table! It was packed when we arrived and as usual they pulled out “our” table which consists of two saw horses and a piece of plywood and said you always have a table : )

And I was able to give Mika this poster of the Paris-Mosel album cover that has a track named after the restaurant on the day it was released globally on all streaming platforms.

Such a special place!


Incredible lunch at Restaurant A.T followed by a return visit to Les Enfants du Marche where we ate almost the entire menu with friends and hung out with the staff late into the night.

Sidenote - La Tour d’Argent looks like it has a long way to go before opening. I heard they added another entire floor on top.

Off to Clown Bar for lunch (note they are now open on Sunday).

Clown Bar was very good for lunch. For some reason the mains were much better than the smaller dishes but overall it was very good. We ended up hanging out there greeting friends, basking in the sun, for eight hours.

After Clown Bar, we headed over to Bar Principal, the wine bar by the Brutos team. It was absolutely packed with a very young chic crowd. It was precisely what we needed after a long boozy lunch. Simple fare but with a bit of Brutos flair, Chicken wings, Burgers, a grilled cheese with mushrooms.

We then headed over to Donna, the new spot from Chef Masa formerly of Les Enfants du Marche and Act II (which sounds like a disaster from multiple people I know that worked there). Donna is in an odd, very touristy spot in the 3rd, we were stuffed and only had a couple of dishes. It is intended to be a high end audio bar with food. They are still getting things set up. I will try it again for a snack because I love Masa’s cooking.

After Donna we headed over to our usual night cap spot, Bambino, they had a great program of DJ’s because Monday was a holiday, the music was excellent.

And FINALLY we went to Parcelles for lunch. It is just one of those things where I have not made it there. Ironically it is 4 minutes from where we stay and I did not realize I know the owner from prior restaurants (e.g, Saint Sebastian). The wine list was more natural leaning than I expected. The food was very good, I heard they have made some changes in the kitchen for the better. We drank a mixture of natural and classical wines which was so welcome after three straight days of natural wines. The burrata salad and vegetable tart were excellent. It was the perfect final meal before heading to the airport, I can see this becoming a tradition! WOW did we fit a lot in over three days…


A moveable feast!

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Given that it is near where you stay, Cafe Berry, opposite Parcelles is a good breakfast spot after a heavy night. Try the Turkish eggs. Have you tried Le Mazenay on Rue de Montmorency? also in that area.

Not yet. I did note the positive write up on Le Mazeny in the most recent Paris by Mouth. It is hard to go anywhere else in that area other than Les Enfants du Marche.

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Man cannot live by tuna belly alone…

Well, if he washes said tuna belly down with a couple glasses of natural wine, it’s possible :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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there are more than 30 restaurants in Paris.

Not sure what you mean?

Heading to Paris next month with my wife. Have not been in close to 20 years. Have a reservation at Parcelles already.

Anyone have any recent feedback on:

Maison Sota

We are also heading to a concert one evening at CABARET SAUVAGE. We are staying in the 3rd, not all that far from the Louvre. Any recommendations for an early more casual dinner that will get us to the venue by 8:30?

Clown Bar certainly is popular in this thread, but I wonder how many have actually been to the historic Cirque d’Hiver? I recommend it.