Eating and Drinking in Los Angeles

Will be attending Friday as well. bringing a bottle or two as well!

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That is fantastic. A few people from the board are coming. @Colby_Scott is coming from SF.

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Even though I can’t make it due to conflicts, thanks for the open invite! I hope to make it next time.

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My pleasure. Will let everyone know about the next one in LA.

I’m planning on stopping by before hitting the Dirty Dozen Brass Band at the Water court.

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That is fantastic!

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And of course, I’d like to be first on the list for the next Boise RieslingStudy!

We’ll be there on Saturday afternoon and will probably probably bring a 30 year old Auslese Auction wine. Any other Berserkers planning on being at the Riesling Study then?

Another good meal at Republique last night - the wine last has lots of intrigue. We asked the somm for interesting $100ish whites with age which got him excited, and he went off to find a bottle of 08 Marramiero Anima Trebbiano which he said was a leftover from Campanile’s list. Really fantastic, and $65!


Also got a 10 Hirsch Gaisberg Kamptal Reserve Riesling, great acidity, nice age, improved nicely with air. That was $120.


Love that story. If you are in LA stop by rappcats! Tonight Friday 6-9 and tomorrow 12-6!


I wish we could! (We made it to the one you did there roughly 2yrs ago) Here for UCLA graduation.

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Had a lovely lunch at Kuya Lord. We were there a few minutes before opening (lunch starts at 11) and probably 4th in line and we did not get our food until maybe 11:40. Mostly because they take great care in the preparation and cooking. Corkage is $10, no glasses or ice luckily we brought glasses but damn it I left them at Thatchers! The salad was simple but also excellent. The Tofu was incredible. Chicken very good. Collar was good but our least favorite. The pork dishes looked incredible and are most likely the real stars. By the time we finished the line was really long. We will go back but aim to be first in line.

Anyone know the current corkage situation at Kinkan and Bestia? Ash and I will be hitting those two places for our first time this week; very excited, to say the least.


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The somm is at the rappcats popup now. I just asked him and its $35. How is that for service!


Thank you, gentlemen! @G_Greenbaum @Robert_Dentice

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Great 48 hours in LA.

As I mentioned above Kuya Lord was very good. $10 corkage. But be prepared to wait. I will go back again and arrive 15-20 minutes before they open.

Then we just played the hits!

Majordomo was great as usual. I was happy to see that they were extremely busy.

Destroyer for breakfast was very good. Although the berry dish is now about 1/3 the size.

And Anajak for dinner was just outstanding!

Overall LA is still in a restaurant funk due to the strikes. Talked to multiple people in the industry who said business just has not come back and it takes a lot creativity and work to get people out and into restaurants.


We hit Destroyer and Majordomo also, both great meals. The shrimp tostada at Majordomo might have been the best dish of the trip.

I think they’re not running optimally to seat many ppl at a time, lol. When we were there, it was only 1 person on the stove. I need to inquire about the patio in the back and try take out.