Easter Menus?

So what’s everyone making/ordering/eating for Easter?

Over here I’ve got several things planned:
foie gras
saucisson sec from the Ardeche
Fayet sausage (Catalan)
quail eggs with various salts

1st course=
Spring pea soup with creme fraiche

2nd course=
deboned leg of lamb (thanks CostCo!) with herbs and garlic
potato gratin
roasted wild mushrooms and herbs

3rd course=
multiple cheeses (including a 3-yr old Comte I brought back from France, an ash-covered Valencay goat and an Affidelice)

4th course=
various tarts

Happy Easter/Passover everyone!
Cheers! [gen_fro.gif]

Wow, Michel…Bravo!

We’re having ham. And some fruit.

In your FACE!!

Oh, I just couldn’t help myself…

You know, Bill they have a topical cream that can clear that right up . . .

Gentlemen don’t kiss and tell and take their anti-STD meds.