East Sac Self Storage (Sacramento) wine storage price drop

My primary storage is at Caverna 57, got a locker here a few months ago to handle the overflow and spread things out. Just called to see about moving up from my 3x3x3 locker to a 3x3x4 and found out the monthly price on the larger size dropped from $65/mo to $33/mo, which is cheaper than I was paying for the smaller one ($50/mo). I guess the smaller ones must be discounted now too. 55 degree storage plus humidity control, 24h keypad access and video surveillance, etc. I have 18 cs boxes + 3 mags and a dozen 375s in there now, looks like I could fit another 6 or so cs boxes plus at least another cs+ worth of loose bottles.


Very good price!

The storage options in this area are very limited, this seems to be the best price by far. Luckily I’m blessed with a family member that let’s me keep my wine in their active subterranean cellar, rent free!