Eagle Rare 10yr

Just had to let T-Bone know I polished off a beautiful Mint Julep of Eagle Rare and fresh mint from the garden. Perfect on a warm Tacoma evening. You coming to Telluride or what?

Sick, brah!!!

Did you buy me any yet?

I’ll swing by there tomorrow.

Franks…you have no idea. I just polished off two Woodford Doubles, and I’m diggin’ into some Pinot. On the road, I’ve seen the Eagle in 1.5’s, and I’ve been going crazy not buying them, but I can’t check my bags.

We need to do a bottle of 1.5 Eagle someday! Love the small boys too!

How does Eagle Rare compare to George T Stagg cask strength stuff? Same distillery or at least same owners as I understand it. I have a bottle of the Stagg, it is a bit over the top in terms of heat, wood, and wood phenolics for my tastes for straight sipping, I think I’m going to end up using it in cocktails…

You guys should try the Eagle Rare 17yr old. Smooth as glass!

The Eagle Rare is far more toned down than the Stagg. No comparison really. I do really like the Stagg but it’s a stiff drink.

I actually think I’m going to crack a bottle of the 17yr next weekend, I’m really looking forward to it.

Hey Phil, pick me up the 17 year old if they have it.

No chance on that. The only way I’ll get to try it is with Jason.

Interesting, thinking how much I liked Bourbon Whiskey, I bought a few bottles of Rittenhouse Rye Whiskey, and that stuff is ass-kicking as well! A bit too strong for my 2 double a day habit. I find myself licking crumbs off the floor around 3am.

Is that what the cops up there make you do when they pull you over, T-bag?

[emot-words.gif] [emot-words.gif]

Never been pulled over. They seem to find me at hotels however. [drinks.gif] [1928_middle_finger.gif] [1928_middle_finger.gif] [1928_middle_finger.gif]

Gotta stop hanging around such conspicuous fellas.

Do you now?

You sick sick man.