E. W. Hilgard

Does anyone know where I can find his original papers to read? I have tried Google Books and the U.S. Dept of Agriculture, but they only have 1-2 papers. I am really interested in the bulletins.

Thank you!

You might try the collections at UC Berkeley and UC Davis:

The Biodiversity Library has 16 of Eugene Hilgard’s works available for curious readers. The website includes his studies of geology, use of sulphur in drying fruits, methods of combating Phylloxera, post-Phylloxera grape variety selection studies in California, as well as decades of correspondence with George Engelmann.

Biodiversity Library (Australia)
Search results:
LINK -"Books/Journals: By Hilgard, Eugene W. (Eugene Woldemar), 1833-1916"

· [u]Report of the Viticultural Work[/u]
California Agricultural Experiment Station. -
Bioletti, Frederic T. (Frederic Theodore), - Hilgard, Eugene W. (Eugene Woldemar), - Paparelli, Louis.
Publication info: Sacramento,
J. J. Ayres, Supt.
State Print.,1886-96.

The Biodiversity Library is a very user-friendly database for combing through a broad selection of works.

Text searches within books/journals/letters can be performed in most cases. The scanned pages of archived materials often can be viewed as clearly-typed text for easier reading as well.

Biodiversity Library website: