Dunnuck Joins TWA

Will begin reviewing the Rhône (North and South), Southern France, Washington, and Central & Southern California.

Not too surprised.

additional editorial changes for those interested:

Robert Parker: Northern California, Bordeaux, California Retrospectives, Bordeaux Retrospectives, Value Wines

Neal Martin: Burgundy’s Côte d’Or, Mâcon, Beaujolais (from 2014), Sauternes, South Africa, Port, Madeira & other Fortifieds (+ It’s ‘Business-as-Usual’ for Wine Journal)

David Schildknecht: Annual Reports - Germany, Champagne, Chablis, Austria, Oregon, Corsica; Reports every 2-3 years - Languedoc / Roussillon, Loire, Alsace, Savoie, Jura, Switzerland, New York / Eastern USA

Mark Squires: Portugal, Israel, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria

Lisa Perrotti-Brown: Australia & New Zealand

New Reviewer #2: Italy

New Reviewer #3: Spain, Chile & Argentina

Congratulations, Jeb! I know you’ll do a great job!


Great job Jeb!

Congrats jeb.

In other news… Annual reports on Corsica?

Well deserved Jeb.

I’ll be impressed if David ever submits the rest of WA.

Too bad Neal is leaving Spain. He did a good job. Can’t really think of anyone offhand who’d be good at that one and who’d also be interested.

Bill Klapp reviewing Italy, interesting.

If every winemaker and proprietor in Northern California were to jump up and down at the same time, would it shift the earth’s axis?


So Burgundy will see its third reviewer in about four years? It was DS, then AG and now NM?

For free, too. I refused to sign a contract (IC or employment), but got the job anyway, even though reviewers are a dime a dozen. I have also been given part of Bordeaux. Only one part, actually…Figeac.

Jeb is a perfect fit…

Will Jeb still be doing his Rhone Report?


Seriously though, congratulations to Jeb. While I did not subscribe to his RR, I did enjoy it when it was a freebie out there.

This is somewhat surprising…but does not really matter to me anymore as I let the TWA subscription lapse.

Reports every 2-3 years - Languedoc / Roussillon, Loire??

Seems a bit bizarre, though maybe these will be mega reports with 2-3 years of notes.

I’m surprised to see Parker give up the Rhone, which always, with Bordeaux, seemed to be his first love. For those who like Parker’s palate for these wines, though, Jeb Dunnock will be a fine replacement. Congratulations to him.

Congrats, Jeb! Could not happen to a nicer guy. He’s an excellent hire for this role and there are similarities in their two palates, IMHO.

Jebbie, need me to review your contract? [LOL, just kidding]

Congrats to Jeb. Just finished reading the last Rhone Report issue and was commenting on how thourough the coverage is. This is a great choice. Hope it works out for all.

Looks like RMP is cutting back on the number of areas which require overseas travel.

Nice move for Jeb. He has the passion for that segment to do a great job.

Congratulations Jeb! Can you elaborate on what is happening to Rhone Report and how existing subscribers will be impacted?