Duke’s Mayonnaise??

So I keep hearing that Duke’s brand mayo is a special taste worth searching out, but it’s mostly sold in the South. Anyone see it in the OC, or do I need to go with Amazon? Their site doesn’t show any distribution here but I’ve found other things that shouldn’t be here so…

I have seen it in Fresh Market - don’t know if that chain is in California (but it is in NJ and Fla).

Fresh Market carries it. Saw it at a Kroger in Indiana this week so, apparently, Kroger now carries Duke’s.


Safeway carries it in the East Coast. I know Safeway is in California but not sure if near you.

Our house mayonnaise. Only one I’ll eat if I ever break down and eat mayonnaise. i think Krogers is carrying it nationally at this point.

I buy Duke’s regularly on amazon but if you need an easy alternative, the Trader Joe’s mayo is a close second .

Once you have Duke’s, you will never want for another mayo on anything. Moved south 23 years ago, found Duke’s and will never buy any other mayo. So good. I love the stuff.
It has more “tang” than other most other mass-produced mayos and is super creamy. It’s very bright, if that makes sense.

Available at Winn Dixie in Miami.

I’m guessing from the above that the Duke’s site is correct and SoCal has no retailers. But Safeway is part of the same company that owns Albertsons, Vons, and Pavillions here, so a little sleuthing may be worth it.

We used it back east, but have never found it in the west (including Safeway, etc.). Amazon works, or you can order directly from Duke’s (Sauer): https://www.dukesmayo.com/product/real-mayonnaise/

We will order from them again in the fall (when it is safe to ship…)

If you use Jet.com it is cheaper than Amazon and free shipping with no member ship fees. Also, you can usually search for coupons when can give you an even larger discount. 1-2 day shipping.


Duke’s > …well everything.


Ok. I have ordered some to try, from Amazon. I hate sweet mayonnaise – sounds like this is not that.

Trying Trader Joe’s Organic this week but,without ever having tried Duke’s, I still need to check it out eventually.

I got mine, and like it. Not sure I would go out of my way for it, but I also would say there is none that I like better out there either. So how about that for faintish praise.

I’ve never understood the fascination with Duke’s, I can get it locally so maybe that is why it doesn’t seem so special. It’s good but I would prefer Kewpie if I had the choice.

target has it online and cheaper than buying direct