Dujac buy? (Updating … More help needed)

Domaine Dujac Echezeaux 2018
have an offer for $400 seems like a deal in the market but is it a buy. $300 has always kind of been my cut off but should I make an exception.


No brainer. If you’re not sure, buy it and I’ll buy it from you.

Thanks Mike.

Kind of figured that was coming….I see the WS, but is it going to blow my mind in 15 years?
I don’t wade in Grand Cru.

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Who knows? Some of us skipped 2018 because it started a three year run of super-warm vintages.

But if you can afford it, and it’s mispriced, then you can always look at it as a resale opportunity, if you change your mind about drinking it.

In 15 years it’ll probably be worth a grand, which for me makes it much harder to drink, but I guess that might be a happy problem.

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Not the case.
A generous offer to buy retail at what I’m assuming is at original cost for some things. Long term relationships sometimes work out…

Any opinions of
2019 Cathiard Aux Thorey @ $260

I too bought 2018 Dujac Ech at 400. Jeremy did will in 2018. I think a fine buy


Sorry, I didn’t mean to imply you took advantage of the merchant, merely saying if you believe it’s priced less than elsewhere. Glad you have a good relationship with your merchant!

Be well.

No worries Brady, appreciate your thoughts :cheers:

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18 Coche Bourgogne @ 225.
I feel like I have to do this. Never had it never will…


It’s under $300!

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While some dont like the '18 vintage I enjoyed the ones I have tasted so far. Choose the producer you like.


How does one find a retailer to build a relationship with to begin receiving these offers?

I dont live in an area with any local retailers who would be sourcing any gc burgs. I almost paid 1000 for 17 dujac this week from an online retailer and am glad i didnt now haha. But yes, any advice or retailer suggestions would be appreciated


I have no idea honestly. In my case it’s not a secret email list or anything. I happened to build a personal email relationship with an owner of a shop and probably once a year they ask me if I want to take a look. I figure it’s a combination of being generous and having a slow sales week. Not everything is priced great but there are always some back vintage stuff that just hasn’t sold.

17/18 Allemand Reynard - $300 is another that I feel like it’s now or never.

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Yes def on Reynard

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There are essentially three groups with whom you can build relationships:

  • Retailers
  • Brokers
  • Importers

Retailers: Every retailer I have a relationship with I built by buying first, discussing wine with the manager/owner, being clear about what I am interested in, and keeping the relationship alive through consistent communication and patronage. I focus on a couple of retailers who have the access I am interested in tapping, price wines well, and are willing to send allocation my way. The last part I’ve only been able to figure out through the development of the relationship. Sometimes it doesn’t go the way I want (under-allocated, prices too high, etc.) and sometimes it does.

Brokers: These people are generally harder to find; you tend to meet them through introductions. A broker is not where you tend to find the best price (though sometimes better than retail) but it is where you can source hard-to-find bottles without going to auction.

Producers/Importers: The source and often the best pricing. I would figure out who imports the wine you are interested in and contact them to see if they sell direct. Sometimes access is by invitation (like the Moet Hennessy private group). Putting that aside, I find it helpful to know who imports to find the geographic areas where those wines will likely land. For example, Liger Belair has three importers: 1 in CA, 1 in NY, 1 in TX. Texas doesn’t allow for wines to be exported out-of-state, so you have a marginally better chance of getting Liger Belair allocation from a TX retailer.


Robert, how’s does the volume of what is being offered to you this year compare to recent years?

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These are mainly singles to max of say 6. Keep in mind this isn’t an initial allocation of anything, it’s what’s left over in the cellar and being generously offered at “old”pricing. It’s really a random thing.

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I think you’ve adequately resolved the question of whether the price on the Dujac reflects a fair market price, but to determine if you should make an exception to your threshold policy, you’ll have to assess whether Burgundy is enough of a passion for you to make it a deal you’ll remember fondly.

The quoted prices on the Coche Bourgogne Blanc and Allemand all seem good to me too, based upon my view of the market.


Totally great of them to offer them you. I would do the same in your position and don’t think you can go wrong with what you are considering so far. I might opt to allocate the $260 for Cathiard Thorey for an extra bottle of Allemand or Dujac if possible, but that’s just me.

Overall, do you think the offer sheet is larger or different from normal? Just thinking about markets lately and wondering if anything stood out.

I’d say less as I think they are not going as deep into the super high end burgundy with the price escalations. I don’t see the quantities or depth in the 19/20’s.

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