Dujac 1er, Rinaldi Tre Tine, divorce

Always thought I’d have/find time to drink these, but alas.
From their cellar directly to mine, mid-winter, at release; storage always < 55F

1 x 2009 Domaine Dujac Clos St. Denis, $950
1 x 2011 Giuseppe Rinaldi Barolo Tre Tine, $250

Prefer to sell the pair only because I have too few shippers.
Standard WB terms apply. Shipping from 34949, so will hold or overnight, as you prefer.

what vintage is the divorce? what storage conditions? are the tasting notes consistent with others?

(sorry dude, couldn’t resist)

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well played. current vintage, sadly. recommend avoiding.


Sorry to hear about that. ICYMI I PM’d a bit earlier.