Autumn, it´s time for stew…

2 duck drum sticks/legs
1-2 tbsp sichuan pepper
1 little chili pepper
1-2 tbsp aceto balsamico
200ml port
1tsp tomato purée
1 sprig rosemary
5 shallots
1tbsp orange marmelade
1tbsp mild honey

optional: 1tsp veal demi-glace, additional port, aceto balsamico


martin - this looks great. a couple of questions: at the point you add the rosemary to put the legs back into the oven do you leave the lid off or put back on? and at the end why do you remove the skin?

Phillip - for the second 45min. I also add the lidd. I will add a new photo to the slideshow in a few minutes.

The skin is wishy-washy at the end, not such tasty. The only function of the skin is to add flavour. An option is of course to use a salamander at the end than certainly the skin will be crisp. It´s your choice!

BTW, maybe the amount of honey is a little bit too much. 1tsp honey is maybe also enough.

Good luck,

thanks martin - i’m going to try this but definitely using the salamander - duck skin is sweet lovin.

Salamander or just back in the pan for a few minutes on Med-HIgh heat will crisp it right up. Looks really good, I will try this. Recently, I have been taking duck legs and using a quick confit method- roasting in the oven covered in duck fat (Olive Oil works in a pinch quite well) with garlic cloves and some herbs for about an hour at 350, then I pull the legs out and then crisp the skin in a skillet using the fat still clinging to the legs. Probably 80-90% as good as a true confit, and you can do it without planning a day ahead. The skin is awesome though, I would never discard it if at all possible.

Martin, those look pretty incredible. I too agree on trying to salvage/crisp the skin. Just oh so good and a shame to lose… That said, I have done legs braised in red wine before, and the skin there is just not usable at all in my opinion.

Kenneth, try the same thing for a quick confit in about 3 hours at 300, and you will end up with I think a slightly better and more tender, rendered product. Also the fat will be very usable whereas at 350 you run the risk of scorching it and making it bitter and more likely to break down more quickly. The best part about doing confit is the ducky fat you end up with!

Hi Eric- I keep duck fat in the freezer and constantly add to it everytime we have duck breast (Once every couple weeks normally), so over time I have amassed a stockpile. This let’s me cover them before cooking and then I just strain and pour it off back into a freezer container. If I have time, I do lower the temp a bit and cook it longer, but I have found 325-350 for an hour produces remarkably good results- the duck is always very tender and flavorful. I have never yet scorched the fat. My goal is to save enough duck fat without purchasing any to fill the deep fryer, at which point I will probably need to go get a cholesterol prescription, but consuming enough red wine balances that, right? :wink:

Kenneth, you are my hero!

P.S. Last but not least, it´s time to open a Côte-Rôtie for this dish.

Love duck! What is everyone’s best source? Local market or online?