Drunk posting of great stuff

Victory Helios, yum!
Great little hefeweizen. Light, crisp, tasty

Ballast Point Sculpin IPA, too many hops…

2007 (or 2006 who cares?) Diel Rose, pretty tasty Pinot Noir pink that delivers flavor without pretense

1995 Dragonstone from Leitz, yum! No description needed, just drink it!

Brovia 1996 something that was delicious, Piedmont here we come

Perrot-Minot 1996 Mazoyeres-Chambertin, this is why I buy Burgundy, holy crap! Floral, ephemeral, funky, delicious.

Donnhoff 1997 Oberhauser Brucke Auslese, God’s sweat, bottled. The wine that basically doesn’t exist. Helmut Donnhoff on this wine: “I was happy to get one grape per vine.” Yeah, stupid good.

Balvenie 17 year Rum Cask, fine Single Malt, caramel, smoke, polished deliciousness

Lustau Gran Reserva Brandy, who knows how old, but who cares, damn good, glad to share the last 3 ounces, candied fruit, quite sweet tasting after the Balvenie

Glenfarclas 1970, wow, seriously. No seriously, wow.

Springbank 1969, double wow, amazing stuff.

Maybe tomorrow I will organize my thoughts and post “real” tasting notes, but I don’t want to demean to purely emotional impact of such an array of tasty beverages had on my evening with friends.

Kitties love Donnhoff!

Spirits in the Material World

Love that cat!

Well, your TNs already surpass those of Jay S Miller!

Serious POTY candidate!!! [welldone.gif]

Finally, TN’s I can comprehend, and with blurred photos to boot!

Well done, Tryba. Having the ability and gumption to post at all
is a feat in it’s own!

The Scottish Flu kept me from checking in until now. I think the notes are perfect the way they are!
Especially, the Sculpin note. Bleh… Pineapple hop bomb.

btw, the kitten is available for adoption through the Animal Rescue League of Boston once she gets over 2 pounds. Our hosts foster kittens regularly, so we had 4 kittens and a momma cat “helping” us enjoy the evening. :slight_smile:

You even got me to post, what fun!

Wonderful drinks perfectly noted for the short-attention-spanned, (thanks!)

Ok, now I get what you were talking about when you mentioned “recovery” this AM. Any more of that God’s sweat left? I could use a minor religious experience in the near future, if anyone’s offering…

nice post, Peter … i’m especially thankful for your note on teh Victory “Helios” — I had a sixer in my hand this weekend, but couldn’t pull the trigger b/c I knew nothing about it. Sounds like it’s worth a whirl!

The evening’s host tried to stick his tongue into the bottle for the last, precious molecules.

Aside from the 4 bottles in my possession, I only know of the bottles in Helmut’s cellar.