Drinking and Aging Turley

Still have some 10 year old Petit Syrahs I’m holding.

It seems like this is going to be a tough question to bottom out on because of the evolution in winemaker and style over the years

What I can add, as a recent entrant to this line, is that the 94 Hayne Zin I had last year seemed to be past it’s prime and that the 10 Ueberroth and Pesenti zins that I have been drinking regularly since release both started out great and have continued to improve noticeably over the past two years

Had a 2006 Juveniles last night that was quite good and in no way near retirement. So good, in fact, that I managed to consume most of the bottle much to my dismay this morning. It seems my consumption of heady zins is more of a now and then thing rather than on a regular occasion.