DRC Large Formats

I realize that this might vary from year to year and from vineyard to vineyard…but how many 6L’s are produced for a specific bottling?


last year I bought 2 dozen and was told I was the largest buyer by a large margin.


  • I have no f’ing clue. who can afford a 6L of DRC?! - Oh wait…I know one guy, and it ain’t me.

I am talking with that guy right now to see if he can hook a brother up.

I piss DRC for a living.

What makes you think I need another mortgage [dash1.gif] [beatoff.gif]

I believe this is a question best asked over at http://www.winedisorder.com" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; [diablo.gif]


Todd - your avatar cracks me the hell up. Dude looks like one of my homies - and I can totally see him reacting that way…

Actually looks a little like Dave Grohl.