DRC GE and RSV 2012


In a fantastic stroke of luck, I was allocated a GE and RSV in the annual DRC drawings.

Which one, in your opinion, is ‘better’


While I don’t expect overwhelming reply- I didn’t realize there is a “drawing”. Would someone be willing to share details of the drawing/lottery in a PM? In advance- many thanks.

RSV has been on a tear and will likely drink well younger than the backward GE. Haven’t tasted either or read reviews.

I opened the '12 GE out of mag at our wine bar a few months ago, and it was really amazing. Haven’t tasted the RSV, but without factoring price I’d choose RSV.

GE is $600 CAD

RSV is $1000 CAD

I’ll take the GE if you don’t want it! If I had my choice, though, I still think the RSV would be the better bottle–in a decade or more.

I tried the RSV last February at the Domaine. It is a striking wine: large-scaled (by the standards of DRC RSV), beautifully balanced, and with immense incipient complexity. It is also youthfully reductive and endowed with a very serious, if refined, structural chassis; so opening magnums—or bottles—right now is really a travesty.

But the Grands Echezeaux is also a superb wine.

I don’t get the sense that either cru was favoured or disadvantaged in 2012, so it will really depend on your taste. Which do you like more? I don’t think there is a ‘right answer’: although RSV is increasingly fashionable right now, for whatever reason, GE is clearly one of the top grand crus in the Cote de Nuits, esteemed as such for a long time (perhaps more so back in the day when people were more patient). I would personally be very tempted by the GE, since I have time on my side and like brooding wines. On the other hand, that RSV is just extraordinary!

What is clear is that you cannot go wrong.

GE was a standout when tasting through the drc 12’s early last year and bottles in each of the decades going back to the 70’s were consistent and truly beautiful.

LCBO…in Ontario, Canada ?

Release for vintage 2012 is now over.

RSV unless you’ll never drink a bottle that expensive, but would drink one at $600.

Haven’t had any 2012 DRC’s yet, but I would imagine the vintage might really suit their RSV.

That being said, I am a big fan of their GE, and long term I would think it might be the better wine.

Buy them both…

Likely the RSV. Even when the vineyard material was “substandard” by DRC’s view, the wine was still lovely.

I haven’t had the 12s. but I know if someone said, “hey, I’m opening a DRC,” I would be more excited for a Romanee-St. Vivant.

I’m located in southern Ontario and will gladly buy whatever one you don’t want. PM me.

*the vineyard material was “substandard” by DRC’s view

I understand DRC declassied around 25% of their juice from RSV because in their view it was substandard but not pricewise …NOW.[swearing.gif].

Some 20 years ago DRC released their RSV at around 50-55% of LT and now…around 85-90%. RST used to be cheaper than their Rich and now slightly higher in Canada.

For example : LT 1995 $ 695; DRC Rich 1995 $ 388; and DRC RSV 1995 $323.

Long long ago when I could afford to buy this stuff the RSV and Grands Echezeaux were priced the same, with much more of the RSV in a mixed case vs GE. I remember a trusted merchant telling me with 1985s that the quality of RSV had been improving quite a bit and it was the relative bargain in the mix. Interesting to me how pricing has caught up with Richebourg.

DRC owns 3.52 ha in GE and 5.29 ha in RSV.

I reckon the GE is DRC’s best value offering. With age it looks a bit like La Tache.


There is a quality gap between Echezeaux and GE but not much quality difference between GE and RSV. I often prefer GE anyway irregardless of price, I must be minority.

Jeremy- are you talking based on release prices or after market pricing. I think the value proposition changes.Once the wine is in the after market, the value moves toward Richebourg/RSV/La Tache imho