DRC buying advice please

Hi all

Im going to buy a special bottle as my best friend’s wedding gift. I’ve been offered a 2005 DRC Romanee st vivant or a 2007 La Tache at the same price.

what will be your pick?


If you anticipate he’ll drink it in the near future - the 2007 La Tache. If he will cellar it for the medium/long term, I’d go with the 2005 RSV.


Umm…I would be pretty happy receiving either one as a gift.

2007 La Tache would be my pick

05 RSV. No Brainer, IMO.

Same here. [cheers.gif]

DRC-RST used to be released at 50% of LT…and now it is around 90%.

DRC is almost always a waste of money!

good advice harry.

i’ll echo mk - 05 rsv…


La Tache.

I’m really surprised at the love for 07 LaTache compared to the 05 RSV. Given a choice, I’d pick the 05 RSV every time.

I think there’s a lot of subjectivity here. Aside from the Romanee-Conti, La Tache is the other DRC Monopole and everyone ‘knows’ it as being a top marque. Yes the RSV might be a better wine but when people think DRC they think RC & La Tache. It should depend quite a bit on the wine seriousness of the recipient, whether or not they have long term storage options, etc. and I would take all these factors into consideration if I was making the pick for a friend of mine. I actually tried the 07 La Tache, I was at that vintage’s tasting here in NY. None of the 07’s were particularly impressive, IMO. Haven’t had the 05 RSV.

Either way, he’ll have a great bottle. If someone were giving me the choice, I would rather have the 05RSV, but that is just me.


Had them both a number of times, blind (side by side) the RSV would wipe the floor with the LT.

I don’t like DRC’s '07’s at all, as I have stated.

The '05 RSV is a wine for the ages. Glorious, long future ahead of it…

The zero7 DRC’s taste a little too modern me thinks. Very nice but very mod. Granted I have not had LT or RC.


I thought an '07 RSV looked like a new world pinot (maybe NZ) on release…

The key for enjoyment of any bottle of any burgundy wine is : when to open it according to your personal preference.

La Tache is a monopole and the potential height for enjoyment, at least in theory, should be higher than RSV.

The Burgundian,who owns land there, knows it and prices it accordingly.

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Not true - it is at least a good investment! [wink.gif]

But for the reported 1200+ bucks I´d rather have 4 Romanee-St-Vivant/Cathiard 2005, or ten of his Malconsorts.

Robert, that is what I was thinking. (However if someone insisted that I choose between the two, I’d take the 05 St-Vivant)