Down to Earth Wines - GERMANY! (Huge list! Donors get free shipping!)

I got a tracking # when I asked for it. Then again again, I bought some good Eyetalian wine and not just German. [stirthepothal.gif]

I asked Robert Panzer to put together a case of wines of his choosing. I only gave him very general guidelines…mix of Trocken, Spatlesen and GG from non-mainstream producers.

Every bleeping wine has been fantastic and interesting.

I recommend you have Robert “take you for a tour”. champagne.gif

I did the same, only I’m not a baller, so I bought only a half case.

Have you popped any yet, Todd?


Cheers guys.

I recently asked Rob for a sampler of 6 to introduce me to the varietal - turns out I prefer Trocken. If he offers the 2011 Wagner-Stempel Siefersheimer Riesling Vom Porphyr Trocken again, I recommend it! Here’s my note from CT:

7/29/2013 - I wrote: (Edit)

I think this is bottle 4 from a mixed riesling purchase that I ordered from Down to Earth wines. The previous wines have all been solid but I was starting to think Riesling is just not for me. Then Ann pulled this bottle out tonight and poured it for me blind. The wine had a good chill on it and despite the cool temp is pretty expressive. Aromas of strong citrus and minerality. On the palate, intense lemon citrus, apricot, tangerine, stoney minerals, some salinity and mouth watering acidity. Delicious. We killed the bottle and wanted more. Hands down the best Riesling we’ve had. Ok, we’ve probably only had a couple dozen before but this was excellent.