Domaine Wine Storage - DC Thread

When talking with Berg, I think the idea of creating our own thread for the Saturday drinking crew came up. Seems to be a good way to keep in touch of when people will be at Domaine, if we have any theme ideas for what to open, food options, etc. I don’t think I’m going to be able to make it in on Saturday, and with the following weekend being kind of a holiday weekend, that’s out as well. Maybe we can plan something for 7/13. [cheers.gif]

Indeed we did talk about it, and I promptly forgot to start a thread…

I’ll be up there this Saturday with a couple other folks…we’ll see you again on the 13th Jeb!

We’ll probably just grab the usual meat and cheese from Calvert, bring some of our leftover wine from Friday wine night (if there’s any, one of the bottles is '09 Greer, really looking forward to that), and probably open a CdP and some form of white…that Huet hit the spot last week [cheers.gif]

Responding so that the thread stays in my list of posts, but I might not be back for a few weeks.

Good idea. I should be there this Saturday, but won’t be until 2:30 or so.

I plan on being there Saturday afternoon, moving some stuff over from WWW. I think one of those boxes has some Carlisle, so opening one of those could help prepare folks for Monday’s release.

Scott, cool see you next time.

Darryl, thought you were coming last week :wink: We got a Pegau deal to do!

Jeff, looking forward to meeting you.

Seems other plans had been made for my time. Fingers crossed for this Saturday.

A bit of DB4 coming up to Domaine tomorrow as leftovers, plus a tiny bit of Greer.

Going to open another bottle or two tomorrow morning…hope to see folks there!

And some Booker White…

So jealous. I won’t be able to make it since I have someone coming to get my Le Cache at 12. Damn, I want to try all of these!

You missed a great day Jeb :slight_smile:

See everyone on the 13th!

Yeah yeah, I just got home. Feel free to bring me a bottle of everything I missed. Damn!

Jeb, that check I left you doesn’t make you smile? Just a little? (Hey, I’d rather be drinking sat afternoon myself)

The check was bittersweet. Hate letting go of the Le Cache, but i see it’s going to a good home. I still have to invoice you for the “labor” part of the day. The check just covered the merchandise. [cheers.gif]

Get home in one piece.

FYI, the '11 Geyserville, while a bit primary at this point, is awesome. Might have to open one on the 13th. I must buy a case of this to enjoy as it ages.

Agreed on the manual labor…it was much appreciated. Next time we meet I’ll bring a special bottle…assuming the Le cache is still working :slight_smile:

Hey guys – so the next date is the 13th? What time? If it’s OK, I’d love to participate and toss in a bottle or two…

Planning for the 13th. I’m in Columbus, OH this weekend. I plan in getting there around noon with some cases for storage.

Yep, I’ll be there around noon on the 13th as well. No idea yet on what wines I’ll bring, but I do like opening a red and a white, so will probably do that…

Ok, for Saturday I think I’ll open a Chard (might try one of the '11 KB Chards, or a '10 Kings Farm) and either an '09 Booker Oublie or an '09 Lillian, plus any leftovers from Friday night [cheers.gif]

I was going to hit Calvert for some meat and cheese, but if anyone wants anything else, bring it!