Dom. Chignard 2018 Juliénas “Beauvernay"

Picked up a bottle of this at the local Central Market on the way out to pair with a grocery store rotisserie yardbird. I knew of Chignard, though had little personal experience, knew it was from Kermit Lynch, but otherwise had no particular expectation. Figured it would be good enough, wtih perhaps a bit of upside surpise potential.

Indeed it was, with the emphasis on the upside. A really nice bottle of Cru Beaujolais, Medium red/purple with no signe of aging. Nose was a bit reticent through out, but was pleasant at all times, though once it opened up it was better than average. Flowers and a hint of something resembling tea (tannins, perhaps). Quite nice red fruit flavors up front, with cherry and rasberry flavors intermingled. Full without being heavy; light without being superficial. Really nice balance with a fair bit of aciity and freshness. Almost zippy, but without too much aciidity. What a Cru bojo should be. Went particularly well with the Brie and walnuts for dessert.

I’m pretty impressionistic on numerical ratings, but I’d say a solid 90 points grading and a strick scale and a 91 or slightly better if you rate Beaujolais on a bit of a curve. Very good value for the money and an excellent wine to pair with roast chicken or even grilled meat.

Thanks for the note. It seems like Chignard gets mixed reviews. I have had several vintages of the Fleurie Les Moriers, but never this, and have usually enjoyed them. I still remember the impression I had of a Fluerie I had in the mid-90s. It seemed such a complete wine for me. The Julienas seems to be a newer wine made by Chignard and I have been curious to try it. Glad it was good. It would be interesting to compare with the Fleurie.