Does cannabis affect your perception or enjoyment of wine?

Some studies have found cannabis to heighten smell and taste in lab rats, which presumably carries over to humans. Do any of you find your wine enjoyment intensified by cannabis?

probably dumbs down the palate and makes everything taste good but I’m assuming nuance is lost… not saying this is from personal experience or anything :wink:

Given the Draconian laws in most of this country, it’s unfortunate most board members here aren’t going to have a fully honest discussion about this subject. But the science is there, it’s a good topic to discuss eventually

It also does not help that this board has a “real names” policy.

It sure makes Doritos taste awesome!

… or so I’ve been told.

yes…the FBI is just watching the wine forums to catch individuals admitting to smoking a joint here and there. Do any of you look at instagram? literally tens of thousands of posts of people smoking bowls of pot. do you really think law enforcement has time to track them all down when there are slightly bigger problems in our country. (on a side note I have never touched weed and never plan to). I am already addicted to wine :slight_smile: Maybe its because I live in California so a little more lax on the rules of pot…

I was more thinking of my employer, or my clients…

Speaking from experience, I don’t think it does much to enhance or diminish the enjoyment of good wine.

If you’re too paranoid to post about smoking weed, maybe you’ve smoked too much weed already.


I don’t remember. Wait , what was the question?

Search WARRANT !! [wow.gif] [wow.gif] [wow.gif]

“Does cannabis affect your perception or enjoyment of wine?”
Only if you inhale.

What kind of wine are they serving to the lab rats?


When smoking, it has a negative impact on the taste of the wine.

If going the edible route, neutral impact on the taste of the wine.

Either route ends up with lots of delectable munchies being eaten that pair better with a bottle of PBR anyways.

Overall, a waste of wine in my opinion.

These independent research studies were completed in high school and college…

It’s legal in Oregon. I think it doesn’t help your discernment or enjoyment of wine, sort of like a bad food and wine pairing. No judgement on either component, just not a good match IMO.

I grew up in the Sixties and as they say, if you can remember the Sixties, you weren’t there.

Back then, though, sophisticated wine for college kids was Lancers or Mateus.

At the end of the day, who cares? If you partake and you want to ‘test it out’, go for it . . .

I honestly could care less as I do not partake, but to each their own . . .


Studies have shown that cannabis triggers an increased desire in rats for nicotine.

This may also be extended to Cheetos®, Popsicles, NASA Channel “Earth Views”, and coloring books.

From what I see here in Humboldt, people who enjoy both don’t find any drop in enjoyment by putting them together.

As far as detailed comparisons or descriptions, smoking weed clearly interferes with one’s ability to pick up finer points in wine.