Do you ever worry about wine's effects on your teeth?

I hope you don’t brush your teeth like you clean your toilet! J/K

I take very good care of my teeth so the dentist never chides me about drinking wine. But, I wasn’t a big wine drinker when I was in my 20s. Take care of your teeth, you don’t want to be 40 and sporting dentures.

Dude. I live in LA. Have you ever seen the hygienists in LA?

Take care of your teeth, you don’t want to be 40 and sporting dentures.

Yeah but you can take those bad boys out of your mouth and soak them in a glass with some cleanser and you’re good to go. No need to worry about whether or not your brush is soft or hard. Or anything else actually. . .

Anyone who drinks SQN or Caymus.

No, that is what grillz are for. Nelly - Grillz ft. Paul Wall, Ali & Gipp - YouTube

Count yourself lucky. I get lectured every day. I’m married to a hygienist [wow.gif]

Yes, wine is acidic, but the average soft drink is much worse, coming in at around pH of 2.5 vs around 3.5 for wine. That is a factor of 10 higher in acidity. My wife has seen so many people with eroded teeth from drinking soft drinks every day. So if you drink even a couple a week, cut that out, and be happy drinking wine [cheers.gif]

No, never had a filling.

good shot [cheers.gif]

My dentist is in my monthly wine group. I don’t worry at all.

My dentist told me red wine was his favorite way to stain his teeth too, after the hygienist had scoffed about it.

only when I open the bottles with my teeth.

The acid also ruins your gums, your esophagus, your stomach, the rest of your bowels, pretty much everything it touches.

What saved me [or at least what I hope has saved me] are the caffeine pills.

Now I no longer have to suffer the terrible acidity from the cola and the coffee and the tea.

And if you’re a Big City type, who’s spending $5 to $10 a day on hipster coffees and teas and Red Bull and whatnot - a budget which quickly extrapolates out to many thousands of dollars per year - then switching over to caffeine pills will move your caffeine expenditures down to more like $5 to $10 PER MONTH.

I wish I had discovered caffeine pills years ago.


You should try Nutraloaf. It’s a super efficient way to eat.


Soylent and caffeine pills. Pretty much set at that point.

Allow me to reiterate.

For anyone who is suffering from too much acid in his [or her] diet: Get rid of the cola and the coffee and the tea, and move to caffeine pills.

It will change your life.

Drink wine, gin and tonics, and vodka club sodas with my dentist regularly. I figure I’m good.

I also switched from wine to vodka a few years ago. Much more efficient way of getting to the end result.

I worry more about the nutcases in our state that vote down fluoridation on a regular basis. They are also anti vaxxers, so their days may be numbered. Most of my teeth are now precious metals. Now that I do not drink tea the do you smoke question is moot. Decaf is the rule if I want to sleep at night, even decaf tea has too much caffeine.

Substitute multivitamins for orange juice [if you’re worried about scurvy].

And absolutely no ketchup or mustard or granny smith apples.

Ketchup is the very worst.

Well, maybe Henri Gouges. But Ketchup would be a close second.