Dirty & Rowdy celebrate July 4th! Today only!

Order in!

Lovely offer by Dirty & Rowdy:

In 2013, we named our “FAMILIAR” tier of wines after the Spanish translation of the word, “family.” These drink now wines are meant to be generously shared with those that you love.

With the holiday and family on our mind, this July 4th, Dirty and Rowdy will be donating 100% of any 2018 Familiar wine sales* today only to charities dedicated to helping reunite families that have been separated at the border.

On the day where many of us celebrate with our families, we encourage you to take a moment and help reunite others with theirs.

With love, hope, and action,

Dirty and Rowdy Family Winery


Love this - Hardy, Kate and the crew are top notch all the time.


Order went in right away!

Greetings and happy 4th everyone.

Thank you for everyone for the kind words. We had a great response (and orders are still coming in). We are happy we were able to do something for those in need.

Along with the orders, we were sent some beautiful and touching messages. Kate and I read these together tonight- they mean a lot.

Thank you again.

[cheers.gif] [cheers.gif]

Amazing - Hardy and Kate!

Email today showing this great effort:

With your help on July 4th, we donated 100% of our Familiar Wine sales to charities committed to reuniting families that have been separated at the border.

After sending out our initial email, a customer reached out to let us know about Immigrant Families Together. She told us how the organization was directly responsible for reuniting one of her students with his mother, and shared their struggle and reunification featured in the New York Times.

Today, we were proud to donate $5300 to this important cause. The funds were split between RAICES and Immigrant Families Together.

We appreciate all of the emails we received over weekend from so many of you. Thank you for sharing your stories and for taking action.

We can all make a difference.

Dirty and Rowdy Family Winery

Thank you Siun. We are grateful to all those that purchased and or shared the message. [cheers.gif]

Yes, great idea you and Kate had; well done!

Hardy, post the charity link so those of us that missed your offer can still donate. You are a good egg.

Hardy, great interview on Matthew’s World of Wine and Drink.

Thank you Robert.

We donated 1/2 to Immigrant Families Together
They were the org that was responsible for reuniting a D&R customer’s student with his mother-

and the other 1/2 to RAICES

We were happy to be able to do this and grateful for our community’s response.

Thanks, Hank! I had a great time with Matthew. He’s a great dude!