Dirty and Rowdy recommendations

Hi. I have never had any of the wines. Decided to remedy the situation. So a question for those of you who have , which ones are a “ must have” ?

Any, but my favorite are Shake ridge, evangelho, Stoney creek, white oak flats.

Great question David. I hope we get some recommendations!

I am fixated on Shake Ridge and Evangelho. Enz is catching up though.

Start with The Familiar Red and White Blends. They are a great and affordable introductions to the D&R “House” style. All the vineyard designates and other wines are excellent. My favorites are Shake Ridge, Rodnick and Enz.


Thank you for your recommendations. I see that Shake Ridge is presently available.

Thank you

Thank you for your suggestions Tom.

I too have been wanted to try this so I ordered a few bottles of Familiar Mourvedre.
It arrived yesterday and trying my first glass right now.
Wow, I really like this (my wife too). Light, fresh, natural and elegant with great floral notes and and cider-y mouthfeel.
Almost between a Rose and red.
So easy to drink, the glass seemingly empties itself. The 13% alcohol is consistent with the experience.
Mourvedre can sometimes be a bit overdone but this is anything but.

Drinking Outer Limits right now. Love it. Buy it.
Had the Shake Ridge a few weeks ago. Love it. Buy it.

I agree with those above on my consistent favorites. My recommendation would be to order 1 or 2 of each bottle of the current/upcoming release and try them all and order more of what you like. You cant go wrong with any, but may prefer some to others. Im really excited about the Grenache for current release. Always love the semillon and is my personal favorite of Hardy’s white varietals. Just need to finish residency so i can get more of all of it haha

Just about everything, from the Familiar red and white through the single vineyard Mourvedre to the Semillon and other whites, is a solid buy. I am still sitting on a few that I have not tried. The only one that I did not like was the skin fermented Melon. You really can’t go wrong and D&R encourages a spirit of adventure so try some things and see how you like them.

This round I took 8 Familiar Red, 2 Especial, 2 Semillon but I could easily have tripled that if money and space were not an issue.

I thought the offering doesn’t open until tomorrow?

Two tiers, normal offering is tomorrow

Thanks, I guess I dropped a tier. I have to admit that it stings a bit after having organized and provided most of the wines for a pretty comprehensive Dirty and Rowdy tasting last fall that Hardy joined in by phone.

On the other hand, my buying has been down a bit and that would have applied in any event to the current offering because I don’t drink the short term wines (such as the Especial and Familiar) fast enough to justify buying in any quantity. I still have multiple bottles of 2013 to 2016 Familiar Mourvedres and 2014 and 2016 Especials and need to get through them before adding too many more. I will say that a 2015 Familiar Mourvedre two weeks ago was still delicious.

Mike, Thank you for all the support. I appreciate and value it. Our ordering system is limited and our tiers are created off of volume over a period of time. You still have access to all of the wines and should be good on everything Wed. and Thurs.

Thank you,

Hardy, it’s good and I’ve already placed my order for the current release.

Here are some notes from a tasting several of us did in October that may help: https://www.wineberserkers.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=2831568.

Thanks a ton, Mike- I really appreciate it.

Huge thanks to everyone for the orders. We are thrilled to see so many familiar (and many new) names this AM. Just as a PSA, at 9:30AM we are 40%+ sold though on the Especial.

Jenn and I are monitoring email all AM and we are happy to help with orders, answer questions, etc. The best way to reach us this AM is info@dirtyandrowdy.com. (That goes to Jenn and I.) Though temporarily off the site, if anyone is interested in MSG, Outer Limits, Shake Ridge, or Enz, there is a little of all of those left (very little Outer Limits) and they can be added as well.

Thanks again!