Dirty and Rowdy at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass

I had a great time in Golden Gate park. Went Friday and Sunday and each day I took a bottle of D&R Mourvèdre with very different results. Both bottles were treated the same, opened at home in San Jose and recorked, carried in a backpack, so shaken often and drunk from a green plastic cup.

Friday was the 2013 Skinner White oak Flats. Lovely nose and ready to go. Clear and bright cheery color. Easy to drink on its own and came to life with veggie street tacos. Just wonderful and better as the day went on. I want more of this.

Sunday was the 2014 Santa Barbara Highlands and a very different beast. Cloudy and some fizz when pulled the cork. Initial pour was disappointing with little fruit and much acid. This wine was no so much closed as it was locked down. Got a little better over the day but never really sang to me. Even with food this never let me in. Traded last third for a couple of beers. Maybe this one needs some age but I can’t see this being a buy again for me.

Great show again this year! T Bone Burnett, Nick Lowe, Delbert McClinton, Fairfield Four, the Blind Boys of Alabama, Ralph Stanley, Asleep at the Wheel, and a new discovery for me, Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds.

Interesting. The SBH was the toughest of the D&R wines for me as well.

The 2014 SB highlands would have likely just been bottled 2-3 months ago and is likely just showing bottle shock. Im pretty sure Hardy does not filter so some dissolved co2 is normal in young wine. In another 2-3 months to a year+ it will hit its stride. The 2013 Skinner is still real young (for me) as well being only bottled just over a year ago.


My bottles have been in the cellar since May.

Yeah I meant to grab a different bottle. I was expecting a Familiar, but I was rushing. I am not one to cellar but the 2014 might have been to young even for me.

Seeing your name and tag, Joe, Reminds me that 5 years ago it was a pairof Charles Vineyard Pinots from Foursight, that I was lugging around at Hardly Strictly. Lovely wines that went really well with home made pimento sandwiches.

Thanks for the notes. Sorry to hear about the SBH. That sounds like a horrible bottle. I’m happy to replace it with another or something else. I’ll email you tonight.

Not sure if it was a bad bottle or poor handling of a baby, but Thanx!

HSB is an awesome event. Was there about 10 yrs ago. Need to get back. Hope you caught Steve Earle, The Flatlanders, Los Lobos and the Alvin Brothers.

Steve Earle is a favorite but had to miss him this year, could not make it on Saturday. Alvins and Flatlanders were also on Sat. Los Lobos was closing on Sunday and by then I was spent. Heard them starting up as I was heading towards my car. Warren Hellman financed the festival for at least 10 years after his death in 2011, so come back. it is always the 1st weekend in Oct. and is free!