Dinner Tonight---Flannery Hanger And Roasted Taters

With freezing rain coming down, I decided to do a pan seared hanger steak from Flannery with just hickory smoked salt and a little EVOO. Side will be oven roasted Yukon Gold Potatoes with duck fat, whole garlic cloves, rosemary, thyme and S&P. Wine TBD.

I love everything about this meal, except that it’s at your house instead of mine.

Take pictures.

Just finished up my panko crusted arctic char, broccoli, and over roasted taters with truffle salt

It needs something green.

WTF - that’s your Tuesday dinner?

Nice rendition of the board!

We are having Porterhouse steaks with salad and some kind of starch.

I see Flannery is now on FB. :sunglasses:

Tuesday is always a good day for beef!!

I had a marinated skirt steak from Dewars on the weber with fresh steamed broccoli and an 06 Carlisle Sonoma Syrah

I had friggin Mac and Cheese and fish sticks. The only thing I could get the little squirt to eat. Blah. Pittuoey

Sounds like a normal day at the Landreth household…

BTW…Hangar Steak is a great value from Flannery and if you haven’t tried it I would suggest you get him to add some into your next order.

Not to steal this thread, but it’s actually a great value from Lobel’s too! Especially with no shipping due to their Upper East Side shop.

Well, when you can remove shipping from the equation…

Not as exciting as Flannery but Whole Foods ribeyes on the grill. No ice, just a bit of cooler temps. Broccoli, cheese tray (12 month manchego, sottenaire with truffle and Boursin (shallot and chive, a new flavor) with 2000 Warre’s that was decanted last week. The first pinot was corked so we opened a 04 Turley Duarte Zin which was quite nice with the steaks.

Please see “thyme” and “rosemary”.