Dinner Napa Style

Monday nights dinner, low sodium and high fiber accompanied by a 2006 Gamba Old Vine Zin.
With fresh ground cinnamon and 1% milk, the Rose of liquid lactose.
Followed by dessert, 12 semi-sweet M&Ms and 6 sunflower chips. (Could only stomach one chip)
Only two bowls, two spoons and two wine glasses to wash. [beee.gif]

Did I mention it was followed by a Zantac. [thank_you.gif]

Randy…Nice dinner! What does that say on your napkin?

It’s actually Carrie’s napkin. “Princess of Quite Alot.” [beee.gif]

Yeah, Carrie’s napkins!!! [ok.gif]

and don’t you forget it !

What’s the expiration date on that milk? Any TNs?

Here ya go Jeff

Drink through Mar 22,2009
Popped & poured. Crisp & cold with a light ivory color, mild mooing pastuerized aromas on the nose with slight calcium enriched characteristics on the palate and a bit on the bland side, consistency slightly thin. I would not say this needs anymore age, best to drink young.


Looks like Carrie has been consulting my kids for ‘invent a dinner’ night… [dance.gif] [whistle2.gif]

What’s for breakfast? A fruitroll, Teddy grahams and apple juice?? [dontknow.gif]

(Actually that doesn’t sound too bad… [highfive.gif] )

There’s always dog food… but the dogs may put up a fight [1974_eating_popcorn.gif]