Dinner and wines with Andy Erickson (Favia) - LOTS of wines


Thanks for the notes, looks like a great evening!

I really like the Favia syrahs. They are viscous, luscious, and hedonistic.

Sounds like a great event Philip. But who is this Landreth fellow you refer to? The name seems to ring a bell. Is he a member of the board???

Great night again Phil, thanks for the vino you brought and of course the Flannery hangers, I am hooked on them for sure. Toss up for me on 98 La Clusiere and 98 Montelena, how you remember what you do and take notes is beyond me, great though. We are just plotting next week…older Giacosa and 82 Barolo’s along with some Super Tuscans. [cheers.gif]

I am not quite sure how Rocchettas Ornellaia from Bolgheri got pitted against Tony Soters Etude Cabernet Sauvignon, but WOW was it magical. Lets face it, they are both coastal wines(well the Cabernet coming from Carneros being semi coastal) and of course the Tenuta being from Bolgheri. They are both cool climate wines and are both Cabernet dominate.
I’ll tell ya, it was hard to differentiate between the two; massive fruit, massive acid structure, french oak and a finish that lasted longer than the event itself! Even I was hard pressed to decide a champion(being the Italian guy), but I will say the Etude held its own. I actually have the Ornellaia as the wine of the night followed by the spanish 1975 Jean Leon and then 98 Montelena. I know, you guys are saying, “how could those have been your top 3 in that legendary lineup”, but those are the ones that just kicked in on all cylinders.

P-Rob you always impress when it comes to showing up at the G-Spot. Thanks for the steaks and bottle love.
Cant wait to do it again next week!

Well done, Philip. I dig the Favia wines a lot. Not digging the prices these days … but the 05 Cerro Sur I had not long ago was just plain rocking. Great stuff. All the wines from Favia I’ve had have been really pleasant indeed. Not entirely full-throttle and with great delineation to the fruit.

Totally concur with your 89 Mouton note … and I probably liked a recent bottle of 98 Montelena more. I think I got a cleaner bottle out of it. Hell of a lineup. Well done, my friend.

Just to clarify (if anyone goes looking for Leviathan), the Leviathan is an independent “brand” and bottling distinct from Favia. Separate web sites for ordering. Same interface. Similar connections (Andy Erickson is the winemaker for both). I think Favia is faviawine.com and Leviathan is leviathanwine.com.

You are bonafide shot caller! Looks like an awesome night. I’m guessing the Tokaji was from Royal Tokaji. Their 1995 are absolutely killer.


Also very good.

Not possible. We all know 1998 was shit :smiley: