Dining in Beaune

Thanks–lol re Ma Cuisine.
Oddly enough, even though we have been to Beaune many times (agree about the Sat market), we have never been to Ma Cuisine. I have considered Rotisserie du Chambertin for lunch on our way; let’s see if I can convince the rest of the family.

it’s a good lunch spot!

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I like Ma Cuisine a lot, but really had a great time at Caves Madeleine last year. We had a Volnay from Lafarge there that was around 100 euros or less. Highly recommend.

If you want a place where the food is good but not great but the wine list is impressive try Maufaux. cartes-des-vins-le-maufoux.pdf (lemaufoux.fr)

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MoFo is also on our short list.

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Caves Madeleine is excellent.

Couple more to consider, more in the small plates category:

La Dilettante

La Maison du Colombier

Amazing chicken, but the wine list is very difficult to find value.

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BTW, if you want a change of pace BISSOH is amazing. Japanese food and great wine list. Open on Sunday too!

We were in Beaune last year - really enjoyed our meals at Ma Cuisine, Caveau Arches and a smaller restaurant, Le Bistro Des Cocottes.

We had lunch at Cocottes and ended up going there again for dinner. Not huge, unpretentious, just really good food and friendly family owners. After a full day of wine tasting none of us were up for fancy, Le Cocottes was perfect.