Did - But Should Not Have . .

this is “did but should not have.” We need a “going to but probably shouldn’t” . . . the therapy might help.


Or “not going to but probably should”. This is a community of enablement after all!


That is probably it. The cellar reduction thread is more of a monthly failure update, mostly (for me it seems). The going to… has a higher potential if making a difference - depending on who/what the comes in as replies.

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Another of my French droppings. . . :wine_glass: to @Jonathan_Favre

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I like them, but my wife doesn’t really, so I only have occasion to open them if we have company or if I’m willing to drink the whole thing myself (which is very rare).

For the most part: daily drinkers.


So were earlier vintages of the Thalabert like 82 and 83 – even 84, I think (which was a decent year on Hermitage). Even the basic Crozes was good in those years. The 83 La Chapelle was excellent, too.

I bought a half case of 94 La Chapelle that Wine Club was selling cheap, and that developed beautifully. The 2010 Thalabert was excellent, too, and I liked the 16. So I think it’s a mistake to write off all Jaboulet in the last three decades.

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I’ve been luck enough to have the 78 and the 79 (sleeper vintage)
both we’re wonderful at roughly 20 yo


I’ve made the mistake of violating my three- or four-bottle limit a few times (cf. “Most bottles of a single vintage of a wine”). In recent years, it’s been with daily drinkers. Not that I don’t like the 2018 Felsina Berardenga, but I don’t need a case to satisfy my curiosity about its development.

My worst over-purchase was a case of 1996 Scavino Bric del Fiasc in Alba in 2000, before I saw the light and stopped buying modernist Barolo. (Or at least, I thought I’d bought a case. The shop shipped 8x 1996s and 4x 1994s to me in London. There was no way of exchanging them.)

Recently I opened a bottle, hoping that the vintage would win out over the winemaking, but the vintage suffered a lopsided defeat at the hands of Enrico Scavino (a lovely but misguided man in those days). Characterless, muddy and monolithic. Utterly spoofified.

PM me if you want my remaining half case.

Interesting, have a couple bottles of the 2010 Thalabert from the LastBottle BD deal. Might have to pop one open.


That sounds like a scam. A lot of producers didn’t make any single vineyard wines in 1994. The 96 might be peak oak for many modernist producers.

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I have a single mag of 2012 Clos Saint Jean Sanctus Sanctorum that I have not a clue what to do with. The obvious move is to sell it, but I kinda want to try it for science.

Bought it pretty much a week before my palate moved far away from typical CdPs. The only thing stopping me is a also have a 2012 mag of Beaucastel Hommage a Jacques Perrin and the idea of trying them side-by-side is hard to resist.

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See the thing is, as I understand it doing so with a vintage other than 2007 is criminal. Maybe the mags confer some wiggle room?

I also can’t let slide the fact that they labeled the American sushi rolls as “delicate flavors” vs. the nigiri :rage:


I’ve enjoyed those. Personal preference, I suppose!

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