Did anyone else?

Get whacked for $276 and change from Lillian this week?
Curious if that was for Blue Label.
Any one know?
Hoping it is!

Maggie made some bad investments. She decided to skip the government and gave herself the wine bail out. You make too much money, so you get to pay for the rest of us. [soap.gif]

Heard rumblings of whackings this week, but alas, no beat down here. The blue was all I WL’d so it looks like I’m SOL. 'tis ok though as I scored a mix 6 of Krankle goodness today and that hit the wallet like a new pair of shi* kickers.

Whatd you score? flirtysmile

Just some noob stuff. A couple Atlantis Syrah and a Grenache, each of the Ravens and ITD for good measure. [winner.gif]

Got a confirmation email today for 3 more syrahs and a box of Blue Label from the wish list. So it looks like there’s some whacking going on…

[dance-clap.gif] awesome. Atlantis syrah is one of my favorite bottles of all time.

Today you say? Nothing yet, but will keep my eyes open.

Yesterday (Friday) to be exact. Psyched about the Blue Label. Already wondering how I will decide that it’s time to try it…

I want some Blue Label [cry.gif]

Maybe we should invite her to Berserkerfest, see if she’ll bring some!