Di Costanzo Available (2018)

Helping my in laws offload their booze as they’re no longer drinking - probably forever, and definitely for a while.

Anyway auction pickup is Monday, but I know Di Co is a board favorite, so offering here first well below W-S low.

2018 Di Co - Approx 3 cases - $50/b or $500/case
2018 Di Costanzo Montecillo - Approx 1 case - $90/b or $1000/case
2018 Di Costanzo Farella - Approx 1 case - $100/b or $1100/case

Will pack in styro shipper and slap your label on it. Quantities of 6 or 12 only please. Ships from North Florida.

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1 case Di Co sold … approx 2 available

Will give case price per bottle for mixed case as well.

1 more case spoken for of di co