development next to Chelsea Wine Vault/Storage?

Does anyone know if the proposed development on the corner of 16th street & 9th Ave in NYC will affect Chelsea Wine Vault & Storage, if it goes ahead?
See the plans here:
They are proposing a significant addon tower above the Buddakan restaurant right on the corner, coming right next to/above the Wine Vault’s space as well…
I’m wondering whether they would stay open during the construction process and whether all the vibration/disruption from the build would affect their storage conditions?
Has anyone spoken to Tom or anyone else there about this?

Interesting question but somehow I don’t think the vibration is going to affect anyone’s wine. In fact, I wonder if we worry about vibration too much. The fact that the old cellars and caves tended not to have vibration doesn’t necessarily indicate that complete stillness is required. I haven’t seen any studies about the effect of vibration and movement long-term but would be really interested in finding out if the results are all that deleterious. My hunch is that temperature is the main issue and movement and even light are lesser, but again, I haven’t seen any definitive studies.

Anyhow, there’s been a lot of work on the 2d Av subway and I would imagine that plenty of people have wine somewhere along the route, as well as restaurants, and there’s so much construction all over NYC every year, not to mention subways near restaurants and private storage, that we’d have heard about problems if any were to occur.

I guess, I’m mostly concerned not so much about vibration, but whether the possible major construction right next door would restrict their operation in any way or whether they would continue as before.

As for vibration: Perhaps apocryphally, the story from many years ago is that wine cellared at New York’s Four Seasons Restaurant was damaged due to long term vibration from the nearby Lexington Ave. subway.

My own experience, living VERY near a freight rail line, is more benign. My wine cabinet is on carpet and that seems to absorb any vibration that reaches the house; I once, with some difficulty and multiple attempts, managed to balance a nickel on edge on a horizontal bottle in the cabinet, and when a train roared by a few minutes later the nickel stayed vertical.

I always think of the Troisgros cellars, right across the street form the train station in Roanne, when these discussions come up.