Thank you! We had a late dinner after the festival at Ladder4 A beautiful bottle of 19 Hubert Lignier Morey st Denis Premier Cru. Followed that with a visit to the festival after-party at Cliff Bells. It was an open jam session and it was truly wonder to see so many young early 20s musicians playing.

There is a big all day party at Ladder4 today that sounds fun, we plan to hit before the festival.

We have a black tie wedding at 5 o’clock at the Book Cadillac tonight. We may stop by before or after the wedding. I love reading about Detroit as a tourist destination.

We looked at one of the Mies van der Rohe townhouses for sale and my wife joked you know door to door it really takes about the same amount of time to get to as the Hamptons…:slight_smile:

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Didn’t realize you were in town… was at the Jazz Festival myself yesterday afternoon and evening. Great times!

It is a great festival. I wanted to see so many acts.

I put some photos up on and instagram of our weekend.

Riesling our Robert

selden standard-wright and co.-grey ghost-oak and reel-marrow-mink-

Alpino did an outstanding white truffle dinner a few weeks ago.
Zana in Birmingham was very good last week.

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I need a reason to get back to Selden Standard.